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  1. I just crocheted a purse with a flip over top and I used a button. It turned out pretty cool. I crocheted a little flower, nothing fancy then I sewed a little button onto the purse about where the top flap fplds over. My flower hangs off the edge of the flap so the flower lines up with the button. Here is a pic. Hope you can see it ok and I hope this pic is not too big.
  2. Your shrug looks very pretty so far. What pattern are you using? Sorry I can't be a better help to you on what stitch to use to finish it up. I have never made a shrug. I have seen them knitted but this is the first crocheted one. That is so cool. Wish you luck on the finished project. Let us know how it turns out. I'd love to see it done.
  3. WOW That is a lot of yarn. LOL! You should try to sell some on ebay LOL!
  4. Those socks look so neat and cozy. Were they hard to make? Was that your first pair? Have you ever done any slippers? Dawn H Work At Home Mom of 4 http://www.Moms-In-Biz.com
  5. Hello, does anyone know how to crochet a rose or have a pattern on how to crochet a rose or flower. I just finished crocheting a purse but I wanted to doll it up a little with a little rose or flower. Thanks for any help in advance. Dawn H. WAHMof 4 www.Moms-In-Biz.com We help Moms work from home
  6. Hello all, I found this forum searching for crochet patterns for purses. I just created several purses and made them up as I went along, no patterns. But I was very unhappy with my straps so I was searching for ideas. This looks like a fun place so I decided to stay a while. LOL I like in Western KY with my husband of 15 years and 4 small children. I home school and work from home. I love to crochet when I can find the time. LOL I am going to be renting a booth in a Craft Fair this weekend and I am so excited. My 10 year old daughter is learning to crochet it is so fun teaching her. She has designed her own pattern making cute lil pumpkins. I will post one after I read all the rules and regs about posting picture. LOL Dawn H. Work at Home Mom of 4 (wahmof4) http://www.Moms-In-Biz.com
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