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  1. I use the http://www.pic2point.com/main.php to get the color setup, then I copy/save the picture I want, (save the preview picture as a jpeg file), and then I use the http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ to set the number of squares I need. Most of the time, you have to play with your graph to get the squares to the count you need. The above web sites are basically to get you started.
  2. Check this out at Mary Maxim - called Heart of My Heart Throw -- it is a baby blanket but from the looks of it, you could continue on with the pattern and enlarge it, if you need it larger. http://www.marymaxim.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10054_3074457345616818782_-1_15033_15034
  3. Sorry for another post, but when I first posted the websites, the first on was incorrect. I fixed it to the right one (that I like the best) which is: http://www.pic2point.com/main.php
  4. As for the length and width, it depends on what stitch you are going to use. I prefer to use single crochet on a graph pattern, but half double crochet is nice too. Some even prefer double crochet. Anyhow, just find a regular afghan pattern that is of the stitch you plan to use and then you can take your row and stitch count from it. If you haven't made a graph-aghan before, each square across is one stitch, and each square up and down is one row -- that is why I like to use single crochet, it is pretty much the same height up and across for a stitch. If you don't want your cat pattern to fill the entire afghan and want a border around it, then you can just plan on x number of rows on the top and the bottom and x number of stitches on either side, centering the pattern.
  5. There are a couple, this one I like the best because you can tell it how many colors you want to use and the sizing is better. http://www.pic2point.com/main.php and then there is this one: http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ After using the first on, I then use the second website to make the graph bigger.
  6. I like the darker pink it really meshes with the other 'shocking' colors and rounds them out. The lighter pink -- to me-- kind of throws it off and makes it look like you wanted pink in it, but settled because you couldn't find the deep pink to match the other deep colors.
  7. I do this all the time. I would much rather do an afghan in one piece if I can. Just do a starting chain with the number of stitches of each square across combined and add any if you want a border between the squares. -- Plus the number of your turning chain. I always do single crochet so I add one more chain to my starting chain after counting the stitches across for the squares. (if you want a border between the squares, make sure you add border rows between the rows of squares too!) I don't like to work from the graphs themselves though as I think it is too easy to mess up what row you are following and in what direction, especially when using different graphs on the same row. I always write out my patterns in written form and then just follow it instead of looking at the graph over and over again. Then I can mark on the written pattern where I want the color changes, and ends and beginnings (I don't carry colors)
  8. My favorite tip... Make sure you put your crocheting away in a safe place AWAY from the CATS when you aren't working on it or they will FROG it for you --- ALL over the HOUSE!
  9. Published patterns that have mistakes in them is my pet peeve! I haven't really noticed it with LB, as I usually make afghans and I usually change the pattern around some anyhow. But for making other things like sweaters, I have noticed that a lot of published patterns out there have a lot of mistakes in them. More so than I would have thought especially since they reached the point of being published. I started to make a sweater I got from another site and I followed the pattern to the letter, not changing a thing. (and I consider myself to be very good at crocheting -- over 20 years experience) anyhow, 3/4 of the way through the pattern, it was pretty much like it was a pattern from a different item, it started going on about a shell stitch and then doing treble stitches on the back post of the last row of shell stitches.... on a sweater that was all single crochet -- no shell stitches in the last row! And the picture even showed that it was all single crochet no treble stitches or shells in any of the views. After getting no answer about the questions I had, I frogged it and made a different pattern, (got my money back after talking and then fighting with them over a series of 4-5 phone calls) even though I really liked the one I 'could' have made. When the catalog came out in the next month, the sweater pattern was no longer listed in it. Probably enough people complained about it being wrong. I just feel that if a pattern is getting published, then the designer should make sure it is right. It's hard enough to come up with money to spend on patterns that are right, but to through away time and money on patterns that are useless, is down right wrong! Even if the pattern is free, the yarn and my time isn't!
  10. Here is the one you can adjust how many colors http://pic2point.com/ click on 'Click here to get started' at the bottom of the page of this version or start here http://pic2point.com/main.php The newer version: http://pic2point.com/p2pbeta/
  11. Same here, and when I first joined I found a few things I wanted to make, but one of them the pattern was in Japanese, and the other couple were like here is the pattern, but there wasn't a pattern to be found and nothing to click on, yet it actually said here is the pattern for it. I gave up on it, I don't even bother looking at the site anymore. If it works for some people, more power to them, but for me, it's just a time drainer.
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