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  1. I had such a good day today because I missed an envelope from yesterday's mail until this morning and I had all day to anticipate opening a gift from a Michigan Elf. Tonight I got to open it -- a pattern book. Kids playful sweaters to crochet. 7 great patterns. Thanks elf!!!
  2. I can read and do simple rounds if I don't have to do a lot of counting or color changing. My mother used to read, crochet and watch TV at the same time and she could hold a conversation too because we used to try to get her to lose her place in one of the three by asking questions.
  3. I've been elfed! Today I got a package in the mail from an elf in NY with two beautiful stitch markers. Thanks so much. You've made my day!
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Its incredible. I know I'll have to make 2 of this one! Otherwise the girls will fight over it.
  5. THe kitten got into my project bag a couple of nights ago and tangled everything up. he shouldn't have been able to get to it since I put it by my bed overnight and he's not allowed in my room at night. (He likes to climb into the baby's bed and wake her up) But mu older gorl cam in for snuggles and left the door open. Overall though the baby is more of a danger to the yarn because I usually have both close to me and she does pretty much the same thing as the cat.
  6. Annies attic has a turkey free pattern today!!! (friday 11/21)
  7. Hi! I am looking forward to your posts and just subscribed to this thread. I'd love to see how someone else's mind works when they are creating. I'd also love to hear if your pattern goes wrong and you end up frogging and rethinking. This is not to enjoy your mistakes but I'd like to make ami some time and possibly design my own. When I work from my imagination I do a lot of frogging and it would help if I can think "Oh no Santi tried that and it didn't work don't go there..." If you'd rather not I understand though and maybe you don't have to frog as much as I do. I'll still enjoy watching your creative work in process. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I just did and you're right. It's adorable. It'll make a great teacher gift.
  9. I am working on an afghan in basketweave stitch and homespun. Since it is all fron and back post DC I don't need to try to find the loops and it is incredibly soft and thick. It will take about 6 skeins but the afghan will be huge. Its for my mom and she's always cold.
  10. This would look great on my daughter's Hannah Montana doll -- Hannah Montan goes green. Yay! Gotta find time to make this. It can't take that long.
  11. That gets me thinking --- I have several kitty litter tubs around. For some reason the recycling people don't pick them up. It would keep my projects organized at home though I doublt I'd take them out of the hosue it it. Usually I carry mine in a trader Joes shopping bag. I have a collection of them -- I never remember them when shopping at Trader Joe's but they make great craft carriers.
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