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    I have 4 kids and a husband, a dog, a cat, and assorted fish.
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  1. Thanks for the video! I've been telling hubby for the past couple of years that my crocheting is what keeps his family alive and healthy--maybe now he will believe me!
  2. Got myself a few (4) skeins as a reward for surviving camping with my inlaws for a week. It was going to be more than that, but my wallet ran out of money. I mean, I controlled myself. Something like that, anyway! The only problem now is all the other camping trips planned for the year...
  3. I thought I'd post this now, because I'll be out of town tomorrow...I was doing okay for the week, pretty good actually! Until I had to run into Michaels for something, and came out with 4 skeins of Vanna's Choice. *sigh* But the new yarn is my reward for getting through the next week's camping trip with the inlaws. WTD= -6
  4. I kind of figured that, but I was hoping!
  5. The other day, I started a pair of wristwarmers. They don't take up much yarn, I figured they'd be perfect to finish off the 2 balls of black cotton I had sitting around, right? Wrong. Halfway through the second one, I ran out of yarn. Now I have to go buy another skein to complete the project, and I'm right back where I started! Here's a question--do the giant skeins still count as only 2 points? I am hoping to use one (or more) of those up when I go camping next week.
  6. Sheer brilliance! I love it, and must show it to my Hubby as proof that yes, I really do need more yarn.
  7. Oh, I know--I was just looking for an excuse to buy more. See why I need to be here?
  8. Lovely CAL! I just discovered snowflakes last year, and have now made a grand total of...3. This should be a great way to get that collection up!
  9. I don't just want to join this CAL--I need to! Hmm--I suppose this means I should go buy some yarn, so I have some kind of score for the week!
  10. Thanks, all! I told hubby that he couldn't complain about my yarn any more--not after I learned the acronym SBLE--Stash Beyond Life Expectancy. I don't have anywhere near that!
  11. That is really cute--it looks like a good size and very sturdy, too. Plus I love the dragonflies!
  12. That looks great! I now have the urge to go buy yarn to make one for each large WIP I have going...uh oh.
  13. Which part is giving you the problems--where to put the new stitches? If you turn the piece you have already crocheted sideways, so that the rows are now vertical instead of horizontal. The stitches that were along the sides now form the top and bottom of the piece. Now yarn over, and insert the hook under the first sideways stitch (which is now the top). Does this make sense? I wish I had one half done, I'd take a picture! Then go ahead with the rest of the pattern. I can try to explain this a little more clearly if it didn't make sense.
  14. That is a good idea! Now mine is going to want one, so it doesn't feel so lonely and neglected stowed away in the drawer!
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