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  1. i havent been here for quite a while...but as i was browsing another blog this evening, and came across blanchett, i rushed over here to see if it was all the talk! i know some of us crocheters saw it and were thinking some of those squares could totally be ones we've sent out in donations!
  2. i really love your straight ripple....really great colour choices, and a great classic style choice...sort of one of those timeless designs.
  3. if this is a pattern you write up, i would love to purchase it....so beautiful!
  4. i can crochet, as long as i have a well written pattern to follow...im not sure that i could wing it like so many can. but thank you.
  5. i am seeking a pattern for a crocheted diaper stacker. any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance..
  6. hello back! im from williamsport PA....and also fill all spare time with crocheting! i'll be in altoona for the weekend at an OM tourney...and i will have yarn and hooks with me to fill the down time..
  7. that is an absolutely amazing heirloom....how awesome!
  8. Kimi

    The Flying Afghan

    that is wonderful....very elegant and classy looking....and could work very well for a man or a woman.
  9. love it!...i actually have that one on a hook right now....but put it aside....now im inspired to get it back out and get back to work...the ruffle looks great!
  10. love the colours!....very todd oldham!
  11. very unique pattern, i like it very much!
  12. Kimi

    Zig Zag Afghan

    this is absolutely stunning! i looked at this and was inspired...and went and bought some yarn in some colours i wanted to put together...and im definitely doing them up in a ripple such as this....it really is beautiful!
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