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    I'm homeschooled, have 3 bros, and a gerbil!
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  1. Does anybody know if the price of items online are different the the items in-store at joann?
  2. Just wondering, was the time that you saw, the time that Lisa Gentry broke her record?...because I thought she did 170 stitches per min.
  3. Okay, but he thinks that if it's from animals, it probably will be dusty, but I can get it washed, right?
  4. Okay! Now all I have to do is convince my dad that it isn't dusty! Thanks!
  5. Congrats, Tia! So...is it dusty? I have allergies, and I don't want it to make me sneeze...any advice? Thanks!
  6. Does drop spindleing make things dusty and make a mess? Thanks!
  7. Does making a drop spindle out of a cd, or piece of cardboard work as well (for a begginer), or is it harder?
  8. How does this drop spindle seem? http://www.localharvest.org/store/item.jsp?id=9243
  9. Hi! I'm sorry if anybody has already done a post on this, but can anybody recomend a good, cheap (under $20) drop spindleing kit for a beginner? Thanks!
  10. Sorry, I didn't make it very clear--a speed contest.
  11. Hi! I have a question. Let's say your crocheting in a contest, and you crochet an item with different stitches--let's say Ch, Sc, Dc, and Trc. How many "stitches" would each stitch be worth? I was on hookandneedledesigns.com, and Mrs. Gentry crocheted 853 trc = 5113 sts. So how many was each trc worth? What about if she did dc?... sc?....chs? Thanks!
  12. I timed myself, and I only did 41 stitches per min...I can't imagine doing 107!!!
  13. I don't know, but I DO know it is possible to spin dog hair into yarn, because my friends grandmother does do it!
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