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  1. I'm excited that this project turned out as well as it did. I even had it framed!
  2. I can't get past row 3 of a pattern for a top that I've tried 5 times. After joining the starting chain, my "circle" somehow always becomes twisted. Help please...
  3. The project that I've started about 5 times already is really a challenge for me. I'm supposed to join the starting chain being careful not to twist it.How do I do that?!?! Does anyone have a tip that will keep my "circle" from becoming twisted as I try to get past row 3?
  4. Thank you RoseRed. Sometimes though for me a "picture is worth a thousand words" so I searched all day until I could find instructions for the "twinkle twinkle" stitch. I found a tutorial on knit and crochet now.com (Episode 204) in case you're interested. (the web address is all one word however it didn't work when I typed it that way in this msg)
  5. I'm having trouble understanding how to do the twinkle twinkle stitch. Would someone please explain how to do it? Do you cut the yarn when you change colors?
  6. Can anyone help me locate a pattern for The Last Supper? (filet crochet)
  7. That makes more sense...I think. Thanks - I'll let you know
  8. Row 34 - dc in each st across, Row 35 sc in each st across. (pattern) Then comes the right front: Row 1 - Work in pattern across first 24(27,30, 31, 35, 38) sts, dc dec in next 2 sts (armhole) leave rem sts unworked, turn.(25 [28, 31, 32, 34,36,39] dc) This is where I get lost: Next rows: Working in pattern, dec 1 (1,2,2,3,6,8) times at armhole edge and at same time, dec 1 st at neck edge every row 11[12,13,13,14,13,13] times, (13[15,16,17,17,17,18] sts ar end of last row) HELP!
  9. I'm attempting the Flutter Cardigan found on page 28 of the March 2010 CROCHET! magazine. I'm stuck. I've completed the bodice, however I'm really not sure about the directions for the right front. Can anybody help me please?
  10. I just spent a month working on a tablecloth (that I'm pretty proud of ) and I'm wondering if there is some type of stain protector that I can use to help keep it nice. Suggestions anyone?
  11. I found a pattern (Greek Filet Runner) that I would like to try. It has a chart but it doesn't say how many I should chain to start. I've tried several times to figure it out but I can't get it right. Is there a formula or something I should use?
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