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  1. Hi all... I've made and taken out this Capelet Swing Cardi at least 3 times. I can't seem to get the right amount of scallops at the bottom of the capelet? Is anyone else having problems making this? It's sooo cute.. I hate to give up after trying so many times. Thanks.. Kelley
  2. OH!!! Good one!!! I'm taking that advice!! I won't put the legs in! Thank you so much! The beads are so cute!! Love Kelley
  3. That too! LOL! And now i'm on the left side leg opening and the amount of space or stitches needed to work the leg opening isn't working out. It's like I have to keep adding stitches in different places to make it work out.
  4. Please HELP ME! LOL I can't seem to get the stitches right. Is there something missing? I wanted to make my new furbaby a sweater!! I'm frantic! I really wanted to make it! Specifically Row 5? And others to long to mention. I'm working the small one, the right yarn, the right hook... but somethings just not working for me! kelley
  5. Hi, I guess you might call this message me barging in... sorry... quick question. Is anyone else making the dog sweater for the female? I'm at a loss. Is some of the steps omitted by mistake? thanks for any help!! I just got my little fur baby and having the darndest time making this sweater. Hugs, Kelley
  6. I'm home and would love to chat! I'm in Sacto. Ca... how do I get to chat!!!??? Kelley
  7. I want to join! What is a scraf CAL? (CAL)? Thanks, Kelley
  8. How fun! I'm going to jump in with you all and use up some of this yarn I have as well. I keep saying I'm going to make something for charity and never do so I'll work on that this year. Get going on some spring afghans.. something light this time with light colors And maybe this year I'll actually try to make a Layette (sp?) set. Kelley
  9. LOL! I'm sorry that made me laugh! I've had some things I made that I wanted out of my sight before.. most of the time because it challenged me until it wasn't even fun anymore!
  10. You know, now that you mention the name Rita Wiess, I think that might be it. I may be wrong about it being a green book. Are you familiar with it? I'd love to buy the pattern from you. I love making those Afghans. Kelley
  11. I feel like making one and can't find my pattern! I made 6 in Christmas colors last year and when I pulled them out this year I thought THIS IS IT! Mindless crocheting at it's best! But I can't find my pattern! It came out of a green book "7 day Afghans". I tore the pattern out years ago and stored the book now I've lost it Can someone help me Pleazzzzz Kelley
  12. Well it did! Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'm looking for some cool colors in my stash now. Ps... how are you all posting your pics? I can't figure it out! Kelley
  13. What happenedto my post???? I'm checking to see if this one will post?
  14. Welcome from California! I'm still pretty new too and absolutely love this place! Have fun! Kelley
  15. Thanks everybody! I think you're right. Maybe it is a feeling over being a little overwhelmed... because this morning it even went so far as to have me worrying about the colors I'd use! LOL I mean just pick some colors right!! You guys are great. Thanks for the suggestions. Kelley
  16. I'm 46 and been crocheting since I was 9. No one ever made fun of me thank God cause it would have ruined all the fun I've had making things. That's too bad. I'm teaching my 9yo now and started teaching my 24yo when she was around 7. It's such a cool hobby. You did good to just ignore it. You go girl!
  17. I want to crochet something! I just can't find anything I want to make! I want to work on an afghan but can't find anything I'm happy with. I don't want anything complicated. Just something I can do without much thought. I just want to crochet!!! LOL :( Help me please!! lol
  18. I'm sorry. I'm new and trying to set up my photos.
  19. Heah there! I loved your (blog) projects! Especially the scarf. That was really nice. And what a cool shot of you on your boat! Blessings, Kelley
  20. 14 Granbabies! Whooo hoooo! what a blessing!
  21. Thank you so much for the welcome!
  22. Hi! Australia, happy crocheting to you too!
  23. I was looking at your photo album. I love your projects! How fun! I'd like to start making some crocheted animals for my kids. Have a good weekend Kelley
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