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    Spending time with my guy, Ikaika, reading,learning how to crochet, my dog Bishop and makin buttons
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    Owner/operator of Analog Buttons
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    Amigurumi and button making
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  1. haha You're lucky only go to Hobby Lobby for your peices. I have to order mine 10,000 at a time!!
  2. that's cool. I have thought about it but no one has asked about them yet. I just have had people starting to ask me about the keyrings. I think it will grow into those as well. www.myspace.com/analogbuttons is my myspace where I sell them from
  3. they are pin back buttons people put them on their clothes
  4. Does anyone else make 1" Pinback buttons out there? I started my business almost 1.5 months ago and I love doing it. I will be making my first keyrings soon as well.
  5. I have started my button biz and it's taken up so much of my time that the crocheting is taking the back seat at the moment. Check it out and please leave a comment or two or leave me some suggestions if you ahve any. Tiff PS- anyone else in OK.. I hope you are safe and sound! http://analogbuttons.blogspot.com/
  6. here's my new blog Tiff http://analogbuttons.blogspot.com/
  7. I will google some info on reading patterns. Never saw or heard of a chart. I did really well with cross stitch growing up I was in the hospital a lot and did the huge counted when I was in 1st grade lol. I def need to learn to read patterns and that's my issue is that i have done all I can without patterns lol. thanks so much Tiff
  8. Ikaikaskitten

    Brick Wall

    Maybe it was being sick, maybe it is being stuck here in Hawaii and wiating to go back to OKC. But I have totally hit a wall in the creativity section of my brain. I don't know what to do next. I feel that all my ami's are ugly and not turning out right. I had started a woobie for the dog we are adopting in Jan when we get to OKC. That's almost done. I was going to finish it off with a skein of camo yarn and it should be big enough then. i am so beginer that I dont know how to read patterns and evern the "easy" ones seem so hard for me. Any ideas for me, big dog or anything to make for someone lol. Wish I could make things like all of you here.
  9. is there an easier pillow like this?
  10. Ikaikaskitten

    Tiny Teddy

    what kind of yarn did you use to make him so small?
  11. So cute and he looks so soft!
  12. have you had any interst in this? We are going to be heading to the mainland in Jan and I could use a lil pillow for the plaeride and car ride from LA to OKC.
  13. Ikaikaskitten


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