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    I love to crochet, especially with crochet thread. I am a published crochet designer, technical editor and teacher. I teach classes at the annual CGOA Conference and enjoy meeting other crocheters. I have a website where I blog about crochet and sell my self-published crochet patterns: http://www.TheCrochetArchitect.com.
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    crochet designer, technical editor and teacher
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    anything in thread crochet
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    since I was a teenager (over 35 years)
  1. This pattern looks like it is going to be almost impossible to figure out what to crochet on these booties (in more rounds than one). First of all, it doesn't give stitch counts at the end of any of the rounds on the shoes/booties. Second, it doesn't say exactly where to work the 8 increases in round 2 (I'm sorry, but they are rounds, not rows). And was "baby yarn" the same in those days as it is today? If the yarn and hook you're using aren't the same as the pattern, these booties may end up fitting a child instead of a baby. Oh, there is no gauge or finished size for the booties in this pattern, either. I have 3 baby booties leaflets that I would recommend using. If you want to make the booties with yarn, then check out "Prescious Baby Booties" by Carolyn Christmas. It is #874050 by Annie's Attic. There are 12 styles of booties in this leaflet and it retails for only $5.99. If you'd like to make the booties out of thread instead of yarn, one of these 2 leaflets might be what you want: "Bootie Collection", #3052 or "Booties by the Dozen", #3243, both by Kay Meadors and publsihed by Leisure Arts. They each retail for around $5-$7 and contain 10-12 bootie designs in each leaflet. If you can find any of these leaflets at your local craft store and use a coupon, you can buy them for less than retail. You will be much better off using a newer pattern than trying to decypher this old pattern. I have made 2 or 3 pairs of booties from the "Booties by the Dozen" book and they each came out wonderul! I wish you the best of luck in your quest to make a pair of beautiful baby booties for your friend's "miracle baby girl". Susan
  2. Betty, I live in the Prescott area. Happy crocheting to you too, Susan
  3. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Susan Lowman. I am a crochet designer and technical editor. I've been crocheting for over 30 years, designing for about 10 years and technical editing crochet patterns for almost 4 years. I don't know why I haven't joined Crochetville before now, but I decided to finally join today. It should be a lot of fun to share crochet information with others who are as "hooked on crochet" as I am! I'll do my best to stay up-to-date with what's going on in Crochetville, but I may not be able to log on every day because I have crochet work to do almost every day. I still find some time here and there to crochet "just for fun", though! I had the priviledge of being interviewed last night on Mary Beth Temple's podcast called "Getting Loopy". It was a lot of fun. If you have a chance, check it out. The URL is www.gettingloopy.com.
  4. Please see my next post. I hit the wrong button (I'm electronically challenged!) and didn't get to type what I wanted to say before the post was sent!
  5. There is a crochet leaflet by Annie's Attic called "Learn to Crochet Easy Magic Squares" that has magic square placemats, coasters, dishcloths, hot pads, rugs, a towel topper, a coin purse, a sachet, a pillow cover and a lapghan or throw. The designs in the leaflet are by Janet Rehfeldt and the leaflet is #874516. However, there aren't any patterns for a magic square done in just dc stitches. The stitch combinations used are alternating stitches on each round, clusters and shells. This leaflet would be worth checking out if you want to make different items with magic squares and try different stitch combinations. I hope this helps.
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