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    since about 1977
  1. NYer here too!!! Putnam County... right on the CT Border...
  2. I also use a crochet hook and just weave it through the stitches, hook the yarn and pull it through...
  3. I am just LOVING the reading in this thread!!! Ok so I sorta quasi-organized my stash lol... We have built in cabinets in our living room... they're each about 2 1/2' wide, 2' deep and about 6' tall.... I've taken over 2 of them and have the yarn stacked double deep on each shelf lol... not organized in the least as far as same colors, types of yarn, etc... but it's all there - EXCEPT for my thread.. that is behind me right now (at least part of my stash) because I am working on teacher gifts for XMas... my fabric stash is in a plastic 2 drawer bin... my hooks, needles, accents, etc are also behind me in 2 large wooden decorative boxes (hooks themselves are stored in plastic pencil boxes - an I have 4 full of them)... Patterns and books are in my office cabinets and in binders... not fully organized with the printed ones yet but certainly on my way lol... once I locate my camera I will post a pic of the stash cabinets lol... As for the works in progress, the bookmarks are behind me on my interim craft table and I take my Vera Bradley backpack (gift from my kids for my BDay last year) - it's stuffed right now with a couple of balls of thread and my dishclothes for when my hands need a break from tiny work lol... other WIP's that are on hold are stuffed into the yarn stash on the shelves that have room for them lol... Michelle
  4. my son started using it when he was 6.... he's just turned 7 last month and he's been able to do it on his own after I start it for him for months... I bought him one that has interchangeable heads (more prongs or less prongs) and he loves it lol... Michelle
  5. I chose #1... I am not sure what WW yarn or if H was the hook size but that is about as close as any of the choices are lol... my G'ma taught me when I was 6 and I took a break for a while during my school years then picked it up again in my mid 20's.... started back with thread oddly enough lol... been going back and forth between any yarn type and thread for about 12-13 years now... Michelle
  6. Ia m so sorry for your loss... I agree with keeping the yarn and making something when you can later work with it... making an heirloom would be perfect... something to be able to hand down from generation to generation in the name of your mother. Michelle
  7. I've only ever sold ONE thing... and that was just last month... it was a hipster bag about 8"x8" in Patons SWS I got with a coupon... I sold it for $20... used 3 skeins and a button with snap from my stash from long ago... it was a commission for a friend and she would have paid me $35 but I said $20 was fine... she has asked me to make her 3 thread bookmarks and will be paying $5/each for them... I live in southeastern NY on the border of CT and the area is upper-middle class-ish... average income in most of the area meets or exceeds $100K... I wouldn't ever sell my items at a fair because I would be afraid of either over or under-charging the consumer... I am hoping that word of mouth will get me some commissions and the prices for whatever they are will be negotiated before I start them... I am HOPING anyway lol... I know that many parts of the US are suffering and people aren't able to get the amount of money that I BELIEVE handmade knitted and crocheted items are worth... it's an awful shame when the quality is so superior to the assembly line made that is offered at the locals stores (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) My heart goes out to everyone feeling the hits in the economy... I just hope it gets better fast!:manyheart **these are my opinions and I hope not to have offended anyone with my comments.
  8. I couldn't vote in the poll because I use every color lol... just bought some threads for bookmarks in Mustard Yellow and Orange lol... well it matches the ribbons I chose lol
  9. I usually start off in "Yarn Talk" then off to "Crochet Help" and from there I wander lol...
  10. I agree with the too tight hurting too... I have a medium tension (so I've been told) and I find projects move along fast enough that I am not feeling bored with them lol...
  11. As gifts! I thingk I've gifted everything I've ever made away... whether to my kids/DD or family and friends... I've NEVER crocheted for myself lol...
  12. I selected choose my colors and follow a pattern... I am not really someone who likes things to not match... I sometimes choose colors that you would think would be awful together but they've come out in the end very nice!
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