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  1. This post is from 2007, I'm sure the original poster is sorted now??
  2. I'm wanting a life-size newborn doll for my daughter to dress up, something like a rag doll would be ideal, but so newborn clothes would fit it?
  3. I'm in search of a baby bonnet for my daughter, she's 8 months. Or if someone can point me in search of a small one and how I would make it bigger? Add rows or something? x
  4. I'm after a blanket pattern that is large, but doesn't use much wool? Preferably granny squares or something as I dont know how much wool I actually have acquired.
  5. I want to make some headbands for my newborn daughter, but I want a stitch that is soft and stretchy (as she will be laid down most of the day, I don't want them to be uncomfortable). Knitting is usually soft, but unfortunately, I can't knit
  6. I have several amigurumi patterns but unfortunately they're in Japanese (I'm assuming), I think they have charts but I don't know if the charts cover the whole patterns or just parts of the patterns. The patterns are super cute and range from animals to food. Would anybody be able to help by email?
  7. Found it! http://www.crotiques.com/onehourbabysweater.htm http://crotiques.com/1hbscharts.htm although theres no pictures
  8. http://crochetpatternsonly.blogspot.com/2009/04/puppet-dolly-in-blanket.html
  9. I'm looking for a crochet pattern I came across recently for a baby/newborn sweater, which people had made graphs/charts for. Now I can't seem to find it again? Anybody know where it is or the charts for it?
  10. Has anybody made this? http://bellabambinaknits.blogspot.com/2010/01/sweater-coat.html I just want to check that I can use DK (I'm in the UK) wool and a size G hook and that it will fit a newborn baby? It seems really small to me?
  11. klaire12

    How many dc's?

    By doing another dc? Or just doing the normal 2dc's and then an inc? Or do I just do 1dc at the end of each WS row?
  12. klaire12

    How many dc's?

    I'm doing the bunting pattern from Lionbrand (yep, still lol), and I'm stuck on the sleeves. How many dc's do I end with? Just 1, as an increase, or the usual 2+1, so 3 dc's at the end of the row? The part with the * is the part I don't understand. PATTERN STITCH Row 2 (WS): Ch 8, turn, sc in sp between 5th and 6th dc of first shell, *ch 4, work 2 dc in next sc, ch 4, sc in sp between 5th and 6th dc of next shell; rep from * across, ending ch 4, 2 dc in last sc. * Continue in pattern, inc 1 st at each end of every WS row 5 times (note: work inc sts as dc). Work even in pattern until Sleeve measures 6 in. [15.5 cm]. Fasten off.
  13. klaire12

    Baby Bunting

    so am i doing sc in the space between the 2dc? do i just join it straight to there? or do i do sc's before then? and then what am i doing? ch across to 5th ch of beg ch-8?? erm i get lost here?
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