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  1. Is the pattern for rambling rose pattern available anywhere? knittergma
  2. Looking for a pattern for the magic square hotpads done in double crochet, I have the one for single crochet but have it seen it done in dc but can't find the pattern. knittergma
  3. If I can't come up with the pattern written out, I have a friend who has one already made and I will borrow it and make my own pattern and will put it up for all to share. knittergma
  4. Looking for the sc thick magic square hotpad pattern but done in dc instead. I have done the sc but would like to try doing it in double crochet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. knittergma
  5. Hi I hope someone out there has a pattern for the thick magic square hot pad I have done the single crochet one, but saw one made up in double crochet that looked really cool. If anyone has the pattern I would love to have it. Thanks ahead of time. knittergma :yarn:yarn
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie and looking forward to making alot of new friends. I love to crochet and knit. So Hi to everyone.
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