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  1. I had a stroke a few years ago and lost some use of my hands. Crocheting and knitting have helped me regain that use. My sister, who taught me to crochet, recently died. Since then, when I crochet, I feel closer to her through our shared love of crochet. It helped me get through the grief. Also, I enjoy making baby caps, booties, and blankets for the local hospital
  2. There are so many free patterns on the internet that I have never had to purchase a pattern. Some patterns are poorly written with steps left out (that you discover after spending valuable time) or have unclear instructions - even purchased ones. Crochetville members are very good about having their designs tested before offering them to others.
  3. My current project is to knit and crochet baby hats for our local hospital.
  4. Crochet, knit, counted cross stitch, embroidery, sewing, reading, singing
  5. I am making baby hats for our local hospital.
  6. I had a preemie and he grew very quickly. Preemie items are adorable, but if you want it to be used for a while, I would make it about the normal size - 30 inches. Preemie blankets are about 16" to 24", but they are not usable for very long.
  7. They are hearts. The blanket will be beautiful!
  8. Hildy48

    Snowflake Afghan

    Your afghan is beautiful. I just finished mine last Christmas. It took me two years. This afghan is beautiful, but not the easiest I have ever done. Congrats on finishing it.
  9. Due to a stroke a few years ago, I lost some use of my hands. I crocheted as a means of therapy and soon I had much improvement of my motor skills as well as some beautiful afghans.
  10. Is this for the same thing? This article says the colors are red & white? http://milesofsmiles4charity.blogspot.com/2010/02/scarves-for-special-olympics.html
  11. I love the bright colors. This afghan will be gorgeous and you will think so too when it is finished. Yes, please post a picture.
  12. We started out as a knitting group, but crocheters wanted to join too. Anyone is welcome to join us. It's not affiliated with the church. We meet at the church because it is easily accessible. We are very informal and love to have new yarn-yarners drop by- men are welcome too!
  13. There is a knitting/crochet group that meets twice a month at the First Baptist Church on Elden Street in Herndon. It is called the Yarn-Yarn Sisterhood. If you are interested, look at the First Baptist Church , Herndon, VA website and you should be able to find the info. I go when I can and really enjoy it. They usually have a craft show in the fall and sell their creations.
  14. If I'm going to spend the time and effort that it takes to crochet something, it will be something useful. Crocheted "food" or ami "creatures" ? Some are cute but I wouldn't know what to do with them. But then, some may not like what I like to crochet either. What a dull world it would be if we all had the same taste in things.
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