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  1. I love all your patterns and dolls. I have made so many of your clothes but it is so hard to choose which one's I like best. I made one of your suits for Dora and gave to my friend and her little girl loved it. I go to thrift shops all the time and get dolls cheap(Except for my Patty Playpal),and make them clothes and give them to friends and Family. I wish thru my 20 something years I had made pics of my things, or had a computer to keep them all on. But now my Arthritis is getting worst and I can't do as much but this is still what I love to do. I don't normally get on here much but you are an inspiration of great talent to me. just wanted you to know that. Are you posting any where else, or have you quit making patterns. Thanks for all your inspirations and again you have a great talent. Debra Cook
  2. :cheerVery nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. THIS ALBURN DOLL I USED YOUR BARBIE DOLL PATTERN. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. MADE IT FOR MY SISTERS. Thanks Darski as you are a wonderful pattern maker
  4. I made the dress and not as good as yours but it turned out great in the white and black and I adapted it for a 30" egee vintage doll. I love this pattern. Thanks alot Darski
  5. I made one of the candles last year. I thought the crochet work was wonderful.
  6. You have the most beautiful babies. Keep up the good work.
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