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  1. Love the color! Very nice gift!
  2. Hi from another in Washington state!
  3. I would love to win the yarn to use on my blankies for the foster children. Check out my website!
  4. Nonie

    Wavey Ripple

    Love the colors too! It would be nice in a sunroom. Good job!
  5. Life got kind of hectic, we moved and husband had surgery but now that things have settled down, I want to re-connect with my friends at Crochetville. I am still making blankets for the children going into foster care so do visit my website to see my blankets! I have missed all of you!!!
  6. A warm welcome from Spokane! Where are you at in Washington?
  7. Nonie

    My First Projects -

    Wow! You have been busy! Your afghan is lovely and your hats are so pretty!! Nice job!
  8. Welcome from Washington!
  9. A warm welcome to you from Washington!
  10. A warm welcome from Washington!
  11. A warm welcome from Washington!
  12. Hi Henny, nice to meet you and welcome from Washington!
  13. Hi Sara, welcome to the 'ville'!
  14. A warm welcome from Washington!
  15. Welcome!! I love the charities you support!
  16. Hi Nicole, and welcome!
  17. That sounds like a lot of fun!! Welcome!
  18. Welcome from Washington! :crocheting:hook
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