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    Sharon Johns
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    Originally from Montana but moved to Washington to be closer to kids and grandkids
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    Spokane, Washington
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    Reading and Crocheting
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    Retired, now babysit granddaughters
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    Baby Blankets
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  1. Love the color! Very nice gift!
  2. Hi from another in Washington state!
  3. Nonie

    Wavey Ripple

    Love the colors too! It would be nice in a sunroom. Good job!
  4. Life got kind of hectic, we moved and husband had surgery but now that things have settled down, I want to re-connect with my friends at Crochetville. I am still making blankets for the children going into foster care so do visit my website to see my blankets! I have missed all of you!!!
  5. A warm welcome from Spokane! Where are you at in Washington?
  6. Nonie

    My First Projects -

    Wow! You have been busy! Your afghan is lovely and your hats are so pretty!! Nice job!
  7. Welcome from Washington!
  8. A warm welcome to you from Washington!
  9. A warm welcome from Washington!
  10. A warm welcome from Washington!
  11. Hi Henny, nice to meet you and welcome from Washington!
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