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  1. What's a good project for me to do on the plane to thailand? I didn't want to start another topic since this thread answered many questions.
  2. Good thing I stumbled on this thread....... I'll need something for my 25hr flight.........
  3. I bought some patterns awhile ago and got some from online too. I've tried many times to crochet garments like doll,dog, and baby clothes. Because I want to learn to crochet things like sweaters and stuff. I have people in my own family saying not to make those because you can't do it. I still say yes I can and someday I WILL lol. I practiced ALL the time learning new stitches and stuff..one day I'll get it all down. I may not have it right now but I'll get it lol
  4. I'm flying out from Seattle. It's about 25hr flight...................
  5. I started on spiral scarf. I was so terrified of getting my shots today at the clinic that I needed to calm my nerves! I'm getting shots for my thailand trip that is coming up in a few weeks!!
  6. Here is the first one:http://plixi.com/p/66820003 I used a total of 4 skiens for this scarf, using double strands. As you can tell angel hair yarn is my favorite. My friends birthday is tomorrow and this is her gift. She's a teacher so often times when one of the students made her something she wears it and she has always liked the things that I crocheted. This scarf took me 2 days to make. This second one here is a scarf I made for myself http://plixi.com/p/66820003 and you can see more angel hair yarn lol I also used lion brand wool.
  7. She was really excited about it, she put it on right away :-) I'm happy!
  8. I didn't have any time to make a prayer shawl. Today is her birthday so i wanted to make this for her. Her house was robbed on monday and she has been having a hard time since then. So I wanted to give her something. So I made this spiral scarf for her. I started this at midnight and finished it this morning so I would be able to give it to her today. So here it is.. I used angel hair yarn from Joann's this is my favorite yard for some reason. I ran out of of the blue so I used the red and white at the last part. I just really hope that she likes it!!!! http://plixi.com/p/64900426
  9. There was a scene where one of the main characters is crocheting a sweater for the the man that she likes. I don't understand thai very well but from what I translated the girls mother taught her how to crochet and her mother started on the sweater before she passed and the girl is trying to impress the guy with her crochet skills.. that was all I could understand lol
  10. Here is another update picture http://plixi.com/p/48078012 it is starting to look like a blanket it at this stage. @Lynn my next project after this will be granny slippers because this will allow me more practice on making granny squares.
  11. @Lynn are you saying that I should try to ch 1 instead of ch 2 on the sides where I have the ch2 and 3 dc's ? That's what I'm getting from your post :-) Clusters is 2 or more dc's in one st correct? I finished the last round of pink so now starting on the next white one, I will have to try your suggestion on this round and see how it looks and yes I will post another update picture. Please keep the feedback coming! I think at the end of this thread there will be a blanket lol
  12. Thank you very for the advice much ladies, here's an update pic http://plixi.com/p/47661784 Many people on my twitter and fb pages are asking why do I keep taking pictures of my projects . It's because I have a lot of people that are on my friends/followers list that are avid crafters and crocheters who done it alot longer than I have, I feel that it will help me alot to have feedback and advice which is also the reason I joined the ville :-)
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