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    since I was 13
  1. Hi AngelRoseLite, Thank you for the lovely parcel which I received yesterday afternoon. I love everything in it. She included: 1) hello kitty ami, 2) 3 balls of wool - red, orange and yellow, 3) packet of bonbon wool, 4) zip up shopping tote, 5) crochet hook and 6) cucumber melon lotion bar. Thank you again for everything.
  2. Hi AngelRoseLite, Glad that you liked the parcel and I am sorry that the koala was not there. I had fun putting it together. Usually I do put stick tape on the parcel but for some reason I did not on that parcel. All the parcels coming in are so cute and can not wait for my parcel to arrive.
  3. Hi AngelRoseLite, Just letting your know that I posted your parcel today. I hope that you like what I did for you and hope that it does not take long to get to you. bella66
  4. Finally got time to check in after visiting my daughter and family for a week. Had a great time away. Hi AngelRoseLite can not wait to get started on your parcel.
  5. This is my favourite swap. Just sent the survey in.
  6. Received my parcel from tiffer93 yesterday and boy did she spoil me. She included: 1) 7 balls of "I love this yarn" wool, (dark brown, 2 balls of Autumn stripe colours, dark green, orange, red and light brown) 2) cake of soap which smells great. 3) red flower notepad and pen, and for my 6 year old son 4) nerf pocket flyer 5) tube of sea animals 6) spongebob colouring book, 7) packet of crayons, 8) pencil case and 9) packet of life swavers gummies. thank you again for the great parcel. It was great getting to know you.:clap bella66
  7. Glad that you liked everything in it. Hope that boys liked the book thongs. It has been fun getting to know you. Can not wait to receive your parcel.
  8. Hi Tiffer93, Can not wait to receive it.
  9. Hi Tiffer93, I posted your parcel today and I hope that you like everything that I put in it. Hopefully it will not take that long to get to you as it is coming from Australia. bella66
  10. Hi tiffer93, Looking forward to being your partner bella66
  11. Received my square from MissHSoo and I love it. Thank you so much Hillary:manyheart
  12. Hi MissHSoo, Just letting you know that I posted your squares today. Hope that you like what I made. bella66
  13. Hi MissHSoo, I have done one square and nearly finished the other one so should be in the post early next week. I am happy with the way they turned out and hope that you like them too.
  14. Hi MissHSoo, I am excited to be your partner. Can not wait to start on your squares. Bella66
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