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    I’ve enjoyed crocheting ever since I was eight years old and my mother gave me a skein and my first hook. I took a long break from it, but about four years ago, I decided to pick it up again.

    I love making things for my dolls to wear. I also like to make amigarumi. I started a knitting and crocheting group at my church and we have a Prayer Shawl program up and running. In addition to knitting and crocheting, I like to write and draw.
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    Upstate NY
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    sewing, reading, writing, drawing, counted cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting
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    Research and Collections Tech
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    doll clothes
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    26 years (1984)
  1. Kind of an old post, but I was digging through - looking at pictures and such and saw this. Anyway, birds? Like... storks, flamingos, cranes all have long legs. So, yes... birds.
  2. Hello and welcome. ^_^ I'm from NY too.
  3. I just started a crochet and knitting group a few months ago at my church. At the moment, we only meet once a month. We've got about eight people and a few others who are interested who just haven't come to any of the meetings yet. Since it's organized through my church, we don't have dues. We don't really have rules either. People bring whatever they have to work on. We chat and have snacks while we work on our projects. If there are people who want to learn how to crochet (we've had a few in just the short time we've been meeting), I'm the one that's been teaching them. The idea of bringing recently finished projects is a good one. I'll have to mention that to the people in my group.
  4. Best of luck teaching your mom! I just started teaching my dad last Friday. He got chaining down pretty smoothly, but it was hard to teach him how to single crochet. My mom eventually stepped in and showed him how to hold the hook. Every time I tried, he'd nod and then do it his own way. (He's not used to doing what I say, I think. It's normally the other way around.) He just turned 60 last October, so I guess it shows that you're never too old to learn!
  5. One the things that got me back into crochet was the idea of making cute outfits and accessories for my two 18 inch dolls, Jake and Shysie. They're Springfield Collection dolls, which are about the same style as the American Girls. (They don't make boys, but Jake looks male enough with his hair chopped short.) The first things I made were hats and scarves for each of them. Shysie's scarf is actually knit. The hats were made using this pattern: http://www.buttonspecialties.com/pdfs/DollSantaHat.pdf I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in colors that matched their coats. Jake's scarf was made using double crochet. I made a rose that I attached to a hat for my sister's doll. I sort of made this pattern up as I went. Again, with the Caron Simply Soft. Following a pattern in "Easy Homespun Shawls" from Lion Brand, using size 10 yarn, I made a shawl for Shysie. Finally...I used a pattern in "Sweet Edgings for Baby" (called Striped Blanket Edging) to make this headband for Shysie.
  6. I plan to make most of my immediate family members an amigarumi of some sort (ones that are suited to them). My sister's getting a lion, my mom is getting a koala, my dad will get a pug and I might make a moose for my brother... if I can figure out the antlers. I'd like to make either a pumpkin or a little monster for a friend of mine. I might make the pumpkin to give her for Halloween and save the monster for Christmas. They work up very quickly, so that won't be a problem. I've also been on the look out for larger, simple patterns for them and others. So far, I found a pattern for a hooded scarf that I'll make for my sister. I think she'll like that. I might make a blanket for my dad, since I know he gets cold when he's on dialysis. Then he'll be able to alternate between that one and the one Mom knit him a couple years ago.
  7. The closest anyone has come to teasing or insulting me was when I was crocheting a ninja for my sister and counting stitches. I didn't realize I was counting out loud and a co-worker asked me what I was doing and if I needed to count while doing it. I said, "I'm crocheting and counting is how I keep track of where I am in the pattern." He left, still chuckling, and I lost my place. >_< He was probably more amused with the fact that I was counting out loud, though, than the fact that I was crocheting. Most people are either just very curious or impressed by what I'm doing.
  8. The first thing I learned was crochet, when I was 8. Then I learned counted cross-stitch. I've done a little of the uncounted kind, but I hate it. I prefer the counted kind. I also like plastic canvas and drawing. (Does drawing count as a craft?) I can hand-sew, although I've only made a banner for my church and couple doll blankets, and I'm learning to use a machine. I learned to knit at the beginning of the year. I also write poetry and stories, but I'm not sure if those would count as "crafts" either... I also make things from polymer clay - food (for my dolls), jewelry, little things I need for Sunday School, eyes for my amigarumi - and I enjoy making beaded jewelry.
  9. I read most of the thread... here're mine: -I always use knots to join two colors and I don't tuck them in until I'm all done. -I don't block. I had to ask my mother what that was the first time I saw it in a pattern -I don't make a test swatch, although I'll check the gauge if size is important -I'm not quite sure what a granny square is -I was surprised to learn you could make a blanket by crocheting back and forth (until then, the only blanket I'd made was done in the round). -I like working in the round. -I'd never heard of frogging until I joined this forum. -I only pull out my work if it's not coming out right at all. If I can work around a mistake, I do. -I absolutely hate the magic circle. There's nothing magic in them for me. -I can't follow diagram patterns. I need them writtern out. (that might be because I'm left-handed.) -I'm not sure I even want to learn the Afghan stitch. -I'll use single crochet for anything, given half a chance. -The fancy yarns give me a headache, but I'll put up with them in order to get the effect. -The idea of making lace with a thread and a hook is actually wat got me crocheting again. (I made a handkerchief for my sister's wedding.) That's it for now...
  10. If I'm not happy with something or it's not turning out at all right, then I'll pull it out as far as I need to in order to correct the mistake. If it's a small mistake... I'll leave it and work around it. The baby blanket I just finished is a perfect example. I made a mistake in the first row that I didn't notice until I'd reached the sixth row. But it was such a small mistake that I am the only one who will ever notice it. I made another mistake much further up that was throwing off the next row, so I pulled out the blanket back to that mistake and fixed it. I don't remember what it was called, but I remember reading about a group of monks who would intentionally work a mistake into every tapistry they made. After all, only God is perfect, right? I sort of view my crocheting in a similar way. If I made a mistake and it's not standing out enough to matter, then it was just meant to be.
  11. I think the degree of left-handedness plays a big part in whether or not a left-handed person can learn how to crochet right-handed. I'm very left-handed, so learning to do something like crochet right-handed would have been next to impossible. My mom taught me when I was eight by having me mirror her. Whenever I get stuck on how to do something, she shows me and I mirror her - I still do this, even with knitting. It can be a little confusing at times, but it works out quite well for me. I'll also add that it might not be such a bad thing that you won't be able to start or finish things for her. I have a friend who's watched me crochet and laments that, while she can crochet, but still needs to run to her mother to start or finish anything. Her mother always did those things for her, so she never actually learned them.
  12. They're absolutely adorable. I think the idea of making them removable from the mobile is terrific!
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments. The woman I made him for was very happy with him. @ thepunkrockinchick: He's about 4 inches tall.
  14. Thanks for all the kind words. The mother-to-be recieved it today and was happy with it. ^_^
  15. hmltwin

    Twin Batz

    They're so cute!
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