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  1. Mine arrived earlier this month and I had to pay the forwarding postage on it. I wasn't pleased. If they had mailed when they were supposed to mail, it would have reached me before we moved. When I got to the counter at the PO, I was so wrung from moving that I didn't place "Accord Publishing". I almost didn't pay for the package. The clerk opened the package for me and once I saw what it was I paid. He at least congratulated me. Now everytime I go in he asks when I'm going to have another pattern published. I love living in a small town. I wasn't nuts about the yarn change, but I guess the fancier yarn companies pitched in to pay for the printing or something. Oh well. It was fun -- and a learning experience. HnC/Kim
  2. Sure. You'll make the day of the blog owner. HnC
  3. For me, it's a wait it out type of thing -- but never a sit and wait it out. I focus on other creative endeavors and leave my hooks until I'm ready for them. I will weed my garden, take walks, read books, write, clean house, bake cookies, plan on how to decorate a room, reorganize something, etc. These days I do a lot of box packing. Everyone is different and forcing your muse works for some, waiting works for others. You need to try different things until you discover what works for you. I wish you the best! HnC
  4. That was my reaction as well, but I'll admit I don't buy air fresheners of any kind, so it's easy to not buy another. A friend had already told me about the commercial and my reaction then was "remember the Charmin commercial" and how crocheters/knitters/quilters reacted and got the commercial changed. So, nice letters to Glade might have really good results. Ya' never know. HnC
  5. LOL @ the traffic. You need to learn the backroads in this area. It's the only way to survive. If you like nice yarn and don't mind it being a bit pricey, Sheep's Clothing in Davis is a great shop. I'll warn you up front -- be cautious in saying you crochet. Some of the staff have a real thing about knitting being the only true yarn art form. Just saying cuz I got caught and it wasn't a pretty thing to listen to my response. The Michael's in Natomas is the best Michael's in the area, with the Michael's in FF second, and the Vaca one is a dump -- in my opinion. Has anyone listed SweaterBabe's site? It has listing of shops in Northern Cal: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/directoryCA.htm I've been to: A Time When...Needleworks 4615 Manzanita Carmichael (a burb of Sacramento) 916-481-YARN (9276) and it's a nice shop. If you get the chance, do take a trip to Lacis in Berkeley. Their antique lace, and other things are worth the trip -- simply to drool. Lacis 2982 Adeline Street 510-843-7290 I've yet to find a nice yarn shop in the area of Oregon where I'll be moving, so Herrschner's will be seeing lots of my moola. LOTS - because I've been on a yarn diet while we pack and I intend to make up for this. Enjoy your stay in NorCal, and if you want back road directions, drop me a pm or an email. HnC (currently in Vacaville -- packing for Oregon)
  6. The Rambler Rose is pretty. My WIP list hasn't changed. All those packed WIP's are still packed. I'm still working on the Popcorn Ripple -- and getting right sick of it too. HnC
  7. Still haven't received my copy from the publisher ... but I broke down and bought one. It was fun to see my name "in print". hehehe For those that don't know me, check Nov. 16 for the "Wedding Jewel Afghan". HnC
  8. Thought I'd join in the fun. Maybe this will help me finish a few things: http://hookandcrook.blogspot.com/2005/09/wip-wednesday.html In my project bag right now, and WIP's that will remain WIP's until.... HnC (who thought she posted this earlier today?)
  9. Nice directory of links. Wonder how she finds the time to keep it up to date? I'd be pulling my hair out. Thanks for the link to the links.
  10. A friend on a crochet list sent me the link. Since I adore boards, figured I'd check it out. I liked what I saw and I constantly encourage others to come on over. HnC
  11. Welcome. I grew up in Park Forest (and I've been to Beecher to watch fireworks!), moved to California and now I'm packing to move to Oregon.
  12. But I just gave this book away! Okay, I shall just adore yours and dream.
  13. A pox on the thief! Shame on them! Your ghan is gorgeous and I love the idea of diagonal colors. I know you've told me before, but where did this pattern come from? Back to my packing, HnC (Kim)
  14. ROFL! One of mine was a lawyer looking for clients, another was a gal looking for ... ermmm .. .clients. Then there was the cowboy with recipes, that had ... ermmm .. pictures. *blush* Now zits ... I actually had to deal with them in June when my doc put me on Provera for 10 days. Was a barrel of laughs.
  15. I also have a pattern in there, and have yet to receive my copy. Wasn't aware they were for sale as my family in Illinois all want a copy. Guess I'd better let them know to keep their eyes open for a copy. Maybe I should have them send me a copy? LOL! HnC
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