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    Mary Jane Hall
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    Crochet designer, have had 2 booklets published-Leisure Arts, and many designs in other books & mag.
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    Dayton, Ohio
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    All crafts but Crochet is my main one right now, since I started designing!
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    Design for various companies, including Hobby Lobby, and am currently working on my own book!
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    All fashionable wearables and accessories
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    1968-taught myself
  1. Thanks for your comments! Let me know if you have any questions on the patterns or the method! (Graduated Stitch Method)
  2. I just want to mention my newest book, Crochet That Fits. There are 31 patterns for wearables and accessories. I have come up with a new method and call it the "Graduated Stitch Method" of crocheting shaped garments and accessories without increases or decreases. As some of you know, increases and decreases are not that difficult, but some people may have a mental block toward doing them, and put off making garments because of the skill level with most patterns using inc and dec. Really, it's just a matter of having to pay more attention to your work when you do inc and dec. But with my method you are letting the different stitch heights do all the shaping for you! Sometimes you will have sc, dc and trc on the same row. People everywhere are catching on to this easy method, and I get emails everyday from readers saying that this method really works and they have made a garment for the very first time! (and it fits great) I am very excited that I can help crocheters learn how to make garments when they never thought they could. The book is dedicated to people who have made only afghans, pot holders, or dish cloths their whole life. Please check the book out on Amazon. You will see some photos of designs there. You'll see more designs on Ravelry. My Ravelry ID is maryjane2. Please let me know if you have any questions on the patterns or the method! And especially thanks to all the people who have bought my books (also Positively Crochet) Crochet That Fits has been nominated for "Best Crochet Pattern Book of 2008" and I am very excited just to be nominated! If you want to vote for it, please go to: http://www.crochetliberationfront.blogspot.com/ Thanks!!!!
  3. Doris is one of my favorite designers. I think she is amazing! She's also fun to be around!
  4. As your mentor, I am SO proud of you, Renee! I know you are on cloud 9 , seeing your hat design on the cover of a published book!!!! Thanks for mentioning my name here!
  5. Someone asked where they could find handles for the Sweater Bag in Crochet That Fits. If you can't find handles you like in a craft store, go to a thrift store! They have lots of pretty purses that don't even look used and all you have to do is cut the handles off the purse. The handles on the purse in the book came from a purse I got at a thrift shop. I even mention this in the book
  6. Amy Shelton let me know that there was a thread about what yarn to use on my design (the Little Black Dress in Crochet That FIts) I looked up the pattern in my book, and you are right! There is a misprint and I had not noticed that before. Thank you so much for pointing this out. The pattern definitely says the yarn I used is a # 3 - light worsted wt yarn on the page with the photo, (which is right) but the paragraph where the method is explained says # 2 (DK wt) That should have said a "#3 (DK wt). # 2 is NOT a DK wt. #2 is a sport wt, which is smaller than a DK (light worsted wt) So please ignore the part about using a # 2 wt yarn on the dress. I used a #3 light worsted wt. yarn (Patons Brillant) on the dress. You could get away with using a #2, sport wt yarn, but you would need to use a much larger hook and be sure to make a swatch so your gauge will match. Having said that, I also read the comments about using Simply Soft on the dress. I agree, that even though Caron says that SS is a # 4 medium worsted wt yarn, it works up more like a # 3, light worsted wt yarn. I think the reason is because the yarn is fluffy and when it's placed next to a # 4 yarn, it looks the same, but when you place it next to a # 4 yarn and stretch the SS, the SS looks smaller. One person said they would not use the SS on a crochet dress, but it's worth it to try a swatch with it, because the whole dress is worked in the "back loop only", therefore making it less dense. Working the dress in the BLO (which is what the pattern states) will make the dress stretchable and not as thick as if you were crocheting into both loops. Please let me know if anyone has any more questions on this. I hope this answers the questions! Mary Jane
  7. Wow! That's beautiful and so delicate
  8. Your hats are beautiful, and the colors are gorgeous!
  9. I had used Susan Bates hooks for many years, and then about 2 years ago when I started buying more hooks, the only ones I could find were Boye. I was so frustrated recently when i was working on a project (yarn splitting) and I decided it was the hook. I went to the store and bought several Susan Bates sizes I didn't have. (maybe it was Michaels or JoAnns - it could have even been Hancock Fabrics) I decided right then and there I'd use Susan Bates from now on. I can crochet much faster with them. That same day, I found a plastic (white pearle looking) Lion Brand hook in my pile of hooks. Someone had given it to me and I had never worked with it, since it was plastic. Well, much to my surprise, I loved it! It slides through the yarn great and is just like the Susan Bates as far as the shape. I've even found out that the same "I" hook with the different brands does not give you the same gauge. I'm a designer and from now on, I'm going to have my pattern testers and contract crocheters use the same brand of hook that I used on a project, to help them get the exact gauge that I did. On another note, Boye hooks aren't that bad if a person crochet's loose. I crochet loose, but I still like the Susan Bates better, by far!
  10. I felted a bowl with Patons SWS and it felted great! I was surprised
  11. That's very pretty! i love green and pink together (also green and purple)
  12. Your hat and scarf are very pretty! I love the stitch pattern and the color.
  13. That is SO cute!!!! LOVE the colors. What's the yarn??
  14. The little "dress" purse is SO, SO cute! I bet she'll love it!
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