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  1. Hello and Welcome from TX. I have very close friends from DeRidder LA.
  2. Hello from TX. I was raised in MA and have been to RI many times. Beautiful state your in.
  3. Hello from a former MA resident, now living in TX.
  4. Hello and Welcome. You WILL love it here in the Ville. I live in TX but I am from MA. Fitchburg MA is where I was raised. I am NOT missing ANY of that cold and snow, lol.
  5. Thank You and I DO feel at Home in the wonderful "Ville"
  6. Hello Ville family I have missed you ALL. I now have WiFi at trailer and so I canbe an active part like what seems like so long ago. Looking fwd to reading what I have been missing. Glad to be back.
  7. WELCOME to the Ville from another guy that crochets.
  8. hello..im not new to the Ville but have not posted in a good while. Still no internet out in my place..so having to go to McD's when I can to get on WIFI. Anyway..it has been one thing after another but im pressing on and getting thru it. Crocheting a few different things and ALWAYS an encouragement when I can get online and get to the Ville.. Thanks great Crochetville family. Lee in TX
  9. Well welcome to the "ville"...Another make that also crochets and im in Texas!
  10. Welcome from TX!! Wondered are you near to Colby KS? I have some friends up there.
  11. So glad to be a part of the Ville again, although not as much as I want to be yet ( waiting on internet out on land I live on)... I wish for - 1. Cotton yarn ( to make dishcloths and potholders with). 2. 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets book 3. somethng you make and you donate to a charity 4. Any RH Variegated yarns 5. A yankee candlle( honeydew melon is my favorite) 6. ANY CD or DVD from White Steeple Bookstore online ( I love the singing, teaching, preaching) 7. Coffee ( love all flavors) 8. A kitchen towel with crochet topper made from you
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