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  1. Gege

    Navajo Afghan

    LOVE this! The colors you chose are wonderful! Need to put this in my queue.
  2. Gege

    Variegated Yarn

    It's that blotchiness of color that I referred to as "color puke" And, of course it really does depend on the colors being combined. I personally fell in love with variegated yarns- they were the first ones I bought when I first learned to crochet and I still think they are ever so pretty in the skein. But, I had used them incorrectly at first so I'm a little gun shy when I'm going to buy them. My lustful eyes deceived me before! I actually like the longer color changes better- or the self striping ones b/c you truly get a great color change without the work. Not so crazy about the shorter change ones. But, I think most people in this thread agreed that mixing the variegated with solids, or using them as accents is the way to really bring out their beauty.
  3. Oh yes! Once you start branching out, it's difficult to go back. And not just with brands...trying different fibers will make you drool (and empty your wallet.) I do a lot of felting (with wool) and have a hard time making something out of acrylic. Even the "soft" acrylics feel rough after working with the soft wool. Acrylic blends are also really fun and a great way to be introduced to other fibers!
  4. Gege

    Variegated Yarn

    Oooo- your purse is great! I like variegated better felted, too. Well, depends on the project and the amount of variegated yarn... That blanket is an example of variegated done right, IMHO. Used as an accent rather than overwhelming the entire project.
  5. Hey y'all! So, I've been thinking a lot of variegated yarn (just blogged about it here: gegecrochet.blogspot.com) and was wondering how others felt about it. I've had some hits and misses with it (to put it mildly.) I'm always so excited when I see a skein of yarn that has many colors in it that I just love, so I think, "This is going to be FANTASTIC!" but then I end up being disappointed when it instead looks like a giant puke stain. I've learned to use it sparingly, but I know that it's pretty popular, otherwise why would yarn companies still make it? How about you? Any good/bad experiences with it? Love it? Hate it? Enquiring minds want to know! Gege
  6. Thank you! Actually, it's super easy- if you have never done beaded crochet before, I actually have a video that shows how to do it. (Found here on my youtube channel). It corresponds to my Watermelon Scarf pattern- free on my blog, gegecrochet.blogspot.com
  7. Hello All! The pattern for my Felted Watermelon Tote may be found on my etsy site: pomquat.etsy.com Thanks for looking! Gege
  8. Sweet! Those are awesome! I've been wanting to try a double ended tunisian hook for a while but can't find them in stores and keep forgetting to order one online. Mind sharing where you got yours from? I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. Hello y'all! I don't know how many of you are on Ravelry, but they have a section called "Ugh's!"- it's basically the place to put all your big crochet/knit boo boos (and some doo doos). One of the thing I love about Crochetville is the beautiful eye candy. However, what about the not so beautiful eye-sores that we all have created? (Yes- ALL- admit it and be proud!) I did a blog post on this on my blog (here) that showcases some of my very early crochet horrors work, but thought I'd kick it off with the second hat that I tried making. It's supposed to be a beautiful, girly cloche. Instead, I call it my Head Eating Blood Clot. It's HUUUUGE! Here it is eating my Watermelon Hat: I think my thought process went like this: Hmmmm…..homespun yarn would make a GREAT feminine cloche. Just follow this pattern with the wrong yarn and the wrong hook….guage, what? Can’t be bothered. This was the second hat I ever attempted. It was the last time I tried homespun. It would be frogged, if some NASA scientist can figure out how to frog homespun. My sister says it reminds her of the metal helmets like John Smith wears in Disney's Pocahontas. What was I thinking?? How about you? Lets see those projects suited for the Crochet Hall of Shame!
  10. Thanks for the pattern love, all! I'm here to say that, YES!! The pattern is now available!! http://gegecrochet.blogspot.com/2010/02/home-alone-with-watermelons-and-pixels.html
  11. Hello Peeps! It's been ages since I've been able to log into the ol' 'ville. This summer and fall has been ca-razy! I can't believe it's December!!! Well, here are a couple of my latest projects- I have a lot that are just about done, but these are finished AND have a free pattern on my blog!! Here are Pinky LaRue and Blackie LaRue- enjoy!!
  12. Haha! Thanks I soooo HATE to weave in ends- that Medusa Marilyn was quite a shock coming out of the washer....though, I think the "nose hair" was the most hysterical for me.
  13. Thanks everyone! goldenj- I like to felt the heck out of my projects- I don't want any stitch definition at all. I find that they usually shrink by at least a third, sometimes even more, but not as much as a half. MarciMarie- hmmm.....James Dean........
  14. My sister's birthday was last month and I had a glorious idea for her birthday present. She has a love for all things 1950's- particularly I Love Lucy, Elvis, and Marilyn. So, I went to the planning board, checked out my wool stash, and voila! This is what I came up with: Isn't that gorgeous?!? That's not all, my friends- you can't have just one Warhol-esque Marilyn- you need at least two! Here's the other side: I didn't want to give it to her, quite honestly. I LOVE IT AND I WANT IT! She absolutely adores it and has proudly worn it everywhere- she's a great billboard. I got the inspiration from Becky from beck's blog- you've probably seen her Marilyn afghan- absolutely freaking gorgeous! This was the first time I felted Tunisian crochet- worked really well! It was also the first time I put a zipper in a purse: SQUEE! I had to figure out how to do it all by my lonesome, but I did it. I don't know if it's done the "correct" way, but it does work and actually came out decently. The lining is absolutely beautiful. It has a shiny silver backing to it that makes it shimmer. It also makes it a bear to hand sew!! Seriously- sewing those handles and the lining into the bag was probably the hardest thing I've done- I went through 2 needles! But, it was worth it- so gorgeous. Here is a pre-felting pic so you can see just how big this sucker was: Yeah- freakin' huge! Now....to decide whether or not to make one for me....hmmm..... http://gegecrochet.blogspot.com/2009/05/marilyns-birthday-greetings.html
  15. Hey y'all! So, I love cats- I've always had at least one throughout my entire life. I've been wanting to make a cat-eared hat for the longest time; however, I never found a pattern that really called out to me. This all changed just a few days ago when I was looking at and petting my yarn stash (Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!) The preciousness that caught my attention was the glow-in-the dark yarn that I've had for a while but didn't have a clue what I should create with it. Inspiration came a-knockin' my friends. Most patterns I've seen seem to be a simple rectangle that is folded over and sewn together; however, the ears never seemed to be cat-like enough for my taste. There are also some that are plain hats with crocheted ears sewn on at the end. I hate sewing things together and avoid it whenever I can. So, I got tinkering with some yarn and with an increase here and a decrease there, I was able to get a cat-eared hat that really worked for me. YAY! See! The points actually look like cat ears! WOOO ME! I even wrote up the pattern for this hat- double wooo me! It's available here. It's not been tested, so if you do make it, please let me know if there are any mistakes in it. Thanks!!
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