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  1. Everyone is so very lucky to have these lovely shawls. I wore my newest beautiful shawl today to work and everyone commenting that I should have left my blanket at home: ( some people are just rude. Seller I like ur idea to switch it up: )
  2. Im so sorry everyone. Thank you for all the great ideas to help me cope I forgot I posted this then it just got too busy to check it. The blanket is coming along and am now more than half done sewing them together with some help of course. I called on my girlfriend (one of whom knows how to crochet and sew squares together). A good friend of mine did come over on this past sunday afternoon and helped. No experience on either sewing or crocheting and we sewed all day. She did a fabulous job for a learning on the spot. They are perfect. Thank goodness for Girlfriends! Thanks Val
  3. I just need to vent how stressed I am. I started a granny square blanket for my nephew for a christmas present due to low funds this year. I have 8 days to sew all the 2x2 in squares together not to mention I still need to make a few two-tone squares to finish. I even shortened the pattern for toddler size so I could possibly get it done. I unexpectedly had to move which has taken up most of my time to work on the blanket. Please tell me to relax and I will get it done by christmas eve evening Thanks for listening Val:D
  4. awww. I love it when my kids take over the items I've made too. It's very sweet, it's like having mom sleeping with him in his bed
  5. They turned out wonderful!
  6. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I have kept this blanket out in the livingroom so I can look at it. It's just to darn cute to put away till Christmas. Val
  7. Very Nice! Alliance rules I thought about making one of these on a pillow for my hubby but nvr got around to it.
  8. Very Pretty. I need to learn me this stitch/pattern.
  9. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I am so very excited this is finished and looks great.
  10. I haven't shown anything I have made in a while. I am finally done with this afghan and am very happy with it. It will be a Christmas present for my nephew. Pattern is from Leisure Arts book Perfect Patches by Annis Clapp. pg 6 http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d129/vschuster/DSC01704.jpg Thanks for letting me share Val
  11. WOW! That is gorgeous. I may have missed it, but how long did it take you to make? You did nice work.
  12. Ugh!! I don't like the sewing of garments or squares either. I try to stay away from them and then I will get this thought of "oh that's a cute kid blanket, I should make it for a christmas gift"......uh 250 2X2 squares later, they are sitting in a plastic bin, waiting to be sewn together and I really just don't want to do it. All those ends and I just plain and simple am not good at sewing anything. But the finished blanket on the pic was adorable.
  13. I wish I had the time to make more wearables for my kids. My daughter would love the sweaters you made and some of the wearables in the etsy store for the designer. Great job! The Chocolatic is my favs. Val
  14. Elle, you have a big heart and very sweet for giving your hard work. Those who receive your shawls are blessed even more.
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