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    Crafting for my family, shopping, and internet or all of these together at once!
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    Ones that I design myself for a specific use!
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    Since 1981.
  1. This is really cute. And it's so versatile too, not just for the hooks!
  2. This reminds me of those collapsable cups. Cute Dot!
  3. She is just too cute, and so is the tank!
  4. I needed a cel phone case so I decided to make one. I looked for a pattern online similar to this but ended up not finding one and just designing my own. I used a size 0 steele hook craft thread and one metal snap. It took between 4 and 5 skeins of the craft thread. There's a little more detail on my blog on the pouch. My sister craftygirlz really turned me onto the idea of using craft thread. I want to do some experimentation with crocheting with steele hooks as this is new for me and it's a great value for small projects when you would like a variety of colors. You do have to join because the skeins are only 10 yds but I purchased a package from Wal-Mart for under $11 and it had 105 skeins with all different colors. It's 100% cotton and has a nice sheen. Unlike embroidery floss it's twisted and doesn't separate. I think I'll have to try some flower motifs soon.
  5. I have 2 nurselings 2 yrs. and 9 mos. I wear them both from time to time eo I am interested as well.
  6. I think it's beautiful and need such a hat! I'd love to be a tester.
  7. This looks so yummy! I want one!
  8. I'm sure she'll love this, great color and pretty work!
  9. This is really cute and it will look good carried! Great job!
  10. It's very pretty and it also look super functional. I may have to just try this pattern myself!
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