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  1. Hello everyone! In honor of Christmas I'm giving away the original doll made for my latest pattern. (A 12" amigurumi Elsa doll.) The contest is open till Saturday morning (Dec. 13, 2014, 9:59 AM CST) so I have time to get her in the mail. If you're interested, come see my blog for pictures and details.
  2. Just released, a new free pattern: Cabernet Cloche.
  3. Hi, everyone! I'm celebrating the 9th anniversary of my blog with a huge pattern giveaway! 9 entrants will receive prizes ranging from 1 free pattern from my shop to 9 free patterns from my shop. Giveaway closes June 11, 2014. Come visit my blog for details! http://blog.innerchildcrochet.com/2014/05/9-year-celebration-pattern-giveaway/
  4. Seven free patterns in the issue, check it out. http://crochetvolution.com
  5. We are seeking contributions for the Summer 2014 issue of Crochetvolution. Patterns, articles, and tutorials welcome! We pay for your contributions, please see the submission guidelines for more details.
  6. It is, actually! He was so disappointed that it was so "normal" until I started gluing stuff on. The gauge is very loose so I probably wouldn't make it for a man to wear normally, and there's no shaping for a woman in it, but it's a good basic sweater that could be adapted several ways.
  7. He decided that the ratty straw cowboy hat "completed the look," haha!
  8. Hahah, actually, he wanted to enter the contest, but he told me he was only going to do it if he was going to WIN. I said, "I think we can manage that," and then walked off cackling a little bit.
  9. I made an exTREMEly tacky sweater for my husband to wear in the Ugly Christmas sweater contest. He walked away with the blue ribbon. I'm sharing the directions for the sweater base that I embellished, heehee. Tacky Christmas Sweater Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!
  10. I've just released a pattern for a cozy boys' pullover in sizes 2-12. Come check it out! It's available both on my website and through Ravelry.
  11. The Winter issue of Crochetvolution is up! Come check it out!
  12. Thank you guys! Well I'd love to have you, but I understand completely...sometimes I think that if I didn't have a publication to fill, I wouldn't have designed a thing for the last year!
  13. The Summer issue of Crochetvolution is live! This is our biggest issue to date, with tons of new articles and ten new free patterns. Go check it out - I hope you'll like it!
  14. Thank you very much! (And I'm partial to the colors, myself. )
  15. I've just posted the pattern for a semi-circular wrap done in spike stitch and I wanted to share. Water Lily Wrap I hope you like it!
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