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  1. That can happen with any company. I had the same thing happen with Joanne's. They just canceled my order. Sorry you had a bad experience. I've ordered serveral times with no problems.
  2. My favorite place is http://www.knitting-warehouse.com/index.html buy all the yarn you want and shipping is only $5.99. The prices are competitive and the comes pretty fast too.
  3. I started this afghan and I've added an extra color. I'm using autumn colors. It's coming along nicely only a few more rows left. Christie
  4. You can start by using a smaller hook and smaller yarn. Did you want it to be made with Caron Simply Soft? If so try a smaller hook and see big the swatch comes out. I know it would be frustrating to make the whole hat only to find out it is too big but that has been what I have done in the past. I've ordered a book called Crochet that fits the patterns in it only change the hook size not the number of stitches. I'm curious to see the book and how it works out with sweaters and dresses.
  5. Do you have an AC Moore near you? That's where I get Caron Pounders. Also a good place to buy yarn on the Internet is Knitting-warehouse they have a good selection at reasonable prices and one price for shipping for the whole order. I just ordered Redheart classic from them.
  6. I bought the pattern at e-patterns and the yarn at Knitting-Warehouse can't wait for the yarn to arrive so I can get started.
  7. Amazing! U ROCK Did it take a long time? Did you have pattern? All I can say it WOW!
  8. Welcome Shannon I'm new too. I'm from MA, I don't get to crochet as often as I'd like very busy with kids and my grand-duaghter (who lives with me, my duaghter is in the Army and about to be deployed), but I have many projects going at the same time. (Not a good idea) I really need to finish them. I'm currently working on two skirts and a knitted sweater for my friend. I just made a bikini with Luster Sheen. My husband likes it, I haven't worn it in the pool though, only under my shorts. I also knit and made a sweater in the spring for my grand-daughter and my daughter called Mommy and Me. Wow, Raggedy Ann! I only made bunnies, a chicken and a teddy bears before for toys.
  9. Welome:welcome Nice to meet you. I'm new too just joined a couple days ago and it has been fun and interesting getting new information.
  10. When graphing I have found that 1 sc = 1 sq on graph paper; however if you are using dc you have to remember that the stitches are taller than they are wide. Are you doing the ghan in filet or solid crochet? Make a smaller sample before you begin the actual afghan. Pookie
  11. My mom has graphed several patterns before using regular graph paper. Recently she made a chicken afghan for my daughter (who is obsessed with chickens). There is also software that can do it for you too. She has that too.
  12. Welc:)me I have 4 children one boy and three girls and a little grand daughter. Nice to meet you.
  13. I plan to order the pattern from Annies however I'd like to order the yarn at the same time, the discription doesn't say. I'd like to get it all at once so I can start right when I get the pattern. I'm planning to make it in progressive yellows to oranges like a sunset. Pookieb4me
  14. I want to make the 6 pointed star and I was going to order the pattern, however I would like to order the yarn at the same time. How much yarn does the afghan use of each color?
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