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  1. pidot


    thanks to all who love my work.thanks momcrochets for your inspiration to get a project done! and thanks for all the support to keep going on, even if i haven't been back here for a long time but i've been doing projects on and off.
  2. pidot

    The Raspberry bag

    i love the color and the bobbles.
  3. pidot

    Cabled bag

    love the bag and the lining more!
  4. pidot


    thaNks dalimonster!
  5. pidot


    hi reniC.thanks for the idea.have more than one really.i have a knitted baby dree to practice my knitting on,since i'm still learning. and i do scrapbooking and jewelry making too! now its more than enough to keep me busy and not bored.
  6. pidot


    thanks to u too reniC.
  7. pidot


    thanks isabelaka and pineapplequeen.i measured it and length is around 40Inches.so still another 40inches to go.haha.
  8. pidot

    Crochet Basketweave Pillow

    nice one!
  9. pidot

    Lucy's Blooming Flower Cushion

    wow i just love the cushion most!i love how the petals alternate colors.
  10. pidot

    on my kitchen wall..

    its pretty.flowers are in purple and violet my fave color!
  11. pidot


    thanks pheonsix and monique!
  12. pidot


    thanks silverbelle!
  13. pidot


    Thanks jolena!have to because lots of projects are on my mind.next in the to do list
  14. pidot


    half way to go for this tablecloth.mother in law is waiting for it.still can't finish it after 2 years, but now have to be seriously working with it.hopefully by mid of this year. http://lh4.ggpht.com/-J4AuCoBzkMc/T3R8ng6BmEI/AAAAAAAAAIg/BhTn5nA8dI8/s0/1333032859373.jpg
  15. pidot


    Hello everyone, it's been a long time since i havent been back here.for almost 2 years i have been staying in singapore but have never posted here. anyway, i made this tablecloth for my boyfriend's mom: just on my fourth row...i hope i'll finish it before we go back to india by december so i can give it to her.