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  1. enter me I will love to have those pattern too
  2. very nice set it match perfectly in my bathroom sign me up
  3. that is so cute can you tell me where can I find the pattern
  4. latinlady66


    hello I am looking for a pattern for a beanie made with crochet thread can anyone help.
  5. The name fits there is madness of bright colors . nice tote bag you did Mary Jo
  6. The person I did it for has her kitchen like that chef and the blocks
  7. those hats are adorable where can I find the pattern
  8. very nice tree you could do some teddy bears holding a heart you could also do some roses
  9. This round ripple is for my daughter those are her favorite colors.Which it matches her room decor.ok it 64'' inches. It's a Aggie May simple round ripple pattern and the Chain-3 rope border is Juniemarie pattern.Yarn is RHSS. so what you think. closeup of the border
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