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  1. Very pretty! Love the blues! I made one for my grandson last year in browns and off white. He loves his too! Its a "manly" blanket! lol
  2. Love it!
  3. Thankz Boksie. Lol, thats too funny! Maybe you could dress up the boy and just tell everyone he's a girl! Lol
  4. Thanks for the kind words all! MooMooo, they are easy and dont really take a lot of time either. You can easily make 2 a day! I couldn't stop, lol, I'd see yarn in my stash that would make a cute dress and I'd start another one! Lol
  5. They are lovely and I'd bet no one can see any mistakes! Hope your medical problems are fine by now!
  6. That's just beautiful! I love your Christmas story too! We do a grab bag and its getting kinda boring. Maybe we could try something like this!
  7. Hi all! Just got this cute pattern from Cobo's Closet on Etsy to make a few dresses for my granddaughter's little 2 1/2 lb dog. They turned out sooo cute I just had to post some pics here. She lets you sell the finished product so I put some in my Etsy shop - simply from the heart
  8. Thank you all. I will try that next time:hook
  9. Lol, just long enough to twist, 53 chains!
  10. Lynn

    Evan's Afghan

    Beautiful! Stunning colors!
  11. A very good morning to you all! I hope someone will have an idea that will help here. Does anyone have a tip to keep a chain from twisting when joining into a ring to crochet in the round? Can't tell you how many times I have ripped out to start over again. There has to be a way to keep the chain straight! Any ideas?
  12. Beautiful! I would never have thought to put gray with it - I LOVE it!
  13. Lynn

    Ring Toss Afghan

    I just knew it would take first place! If it didn't then the judges had to be blind! lol Congratulations!!!
  14. Thank you all! Love this pattern!
  15. Lynn

    Ring Toss Afghan

    Only one word! WOW!!!! I saw the pattern in the magazine but it doesn't hold a candle to yours! LOVE,LOVE the colors you picked! Now I just may have to put that on my long to do list! What colors and yarn did you use? May want to just "copy!" lol
  16. Oh my, they are all beautiful but I too have fallen in love with Sunshine and Shadows! How talented you are! The recipients will love them!!!
  17. Just finished this for a friend to give to a new baby girl. Just car seat/crib size. Easy pattern and free too at www.harujiondesign.blogspot.com Its called Flower Garden Granny Square
  18. Those are just lovely! One as pretty as the next!
  19. Lynn

    Blanket Yarn?

    I almost always use I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby. Makes beautiful and soft blankets. I agree on the Homespun - hate it
  20. Lynn

    Tracee's Afghan

    Just finished this one for my wonderful vet, Tracee. She picked the colors to go with her new neutral furniture. The pattern is a free Caron pattern called Granny Got Color
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