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    Army Wife and SAHM
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    reading, gardening, scrapbooking, crochet, learning to sew
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    something complete
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    on and off for a couple years
  1. I have never heard of the books, but your project is amazing! Great job.
  2. LOL She's not my mom. She's my best crochet bud. She's only got 5 yrs on me age wise.
  3. Since she is to shy to post these, I will. Here is her take on the Oreo cookie blanket. Instead of making them all brown and white, she (with my urging) made it with all the different colors/flavors Oreo cookies have been offered in. For example, the chocolate filling, spring (purple) Holiday (red) and so on. http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a100/frugalmel/Projects/jan09001.jpg Hopefully the link will work.
  4. Very pretty. Those sock laundry bags for babies come in so handy. I almost wish there was a big kid version. lol
  5. Looks very pretty. I don't like things up near my armpits, so a shrug is not something I have ever desired to wear. Not a reflection on your work, just my taste in clothing. You did a great job on it!
  6. This is very cute! There is some mohair in my stash that might find itself looking similar LOL
  7. frugalmel

    my blankets

    Very nice work! My favorite is the purple one. Purple is my favorite color.
  8. Very pretty. I have wondered what to do with the ribbon yarn. Thanks for the idea
  9. Those look very warm. Great job!
  10. Hey Diane, one question, Did you find the poncho made with homespun heavy to wear when you finished? My friend made a blanket with it and it has some weight to it. Just wondering.
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