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  1. What a lovely square xx kim http://scrapbookershavenproboards83.com
  2. Hi thank you for all your lovely welcomes, my client is in her late 90's but could ask her. kim http://scrapbookershavenproboards83.com
  3. Hi all, i am kim from the extremly wet at the moment Isle of Wight lol I have never done crochet before but am looking forward to learning so please be patient with me lol. I have got all the bits ready to go just need now a lesson on how to get started. I work in a residential home for the elderly and one of my clients has just made the most beautiful blanket hence why i wanted to join this forum. I have looked for very easy patterns to follow but its the getting started and following the pattern that i am having the problem with. I can make a long chain lol hope to chat with you all soon. kim http://scrapbookershavenproboards83.com
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