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  1. Rabbit9

    Ribbon yarn scarf

    Very pretty. I like it a lot.
  2. Rabbit9

    I need help...

    You have one loop on your hook from the original ch 4 then you do 3 tr so that is the next 3 loops left on the hook. All together you should have 4 and then you go through those 4 loops at once.
  3. Rabbit9

    Crocheted Hot/Cold Roll & Embroidery

    debra you can get them from any store that sells bulk foods usually. You might try looking next time you go shopping. I don't know about how long rice might last. The others are harder so I think they may be more durable than rice but I don't know. Thanks everyone. :rabbit9
  4. Rabbit9

    Opinion needed on a gift

    I think whatever you do will be appreciated by anyone that understands it's the thoughtfulness and being included that counts. I think if it was me I might talk to your nephew if possible or depending on if she liked the pattern or the colors I would go with what she liked and change the other. For example the same colors in a different pattern or the same pattern with different colors. Good luck.
  5. Rabbit9

    Crocheted Hot/Cold Roll & Embroidery

    I was eating cherries all summer in preparation. I admit I was kind of sick of them by the end of it. ;-D I made one before out of cloth with barley but I didn't like the smell of it when microwaved so I thought I'd try the cherry stones. I gave it to her today and she loved it, especially the embroidered cloth. I'm a happy Rabbit9
  6. I improvised this design of a Hot/Cold Roll & Embroidery - Link as a gift for a friend. Check the blog link for details and pictures. :rabbit9
  7. Rabbit9

    Angelika Lace Shawl

    Very beautiful. Great job.
  8. I have and it's a great way to check out a book to see how much of it really appeals to you.
  9. Rabbit9

    Baby Snow Bunny-Free Pattern

    Awwww, I love the baby bunny. Thank you for the pattern.
  10. At the farmers market here the man that sells his own honey also sells bees wax.
  11. Rabbit9

    Cottony Christmas Hat

    That's cool. I especially like the blended in snowflake design. Well Done!
  12. Rabbit9

    Christmas Seal for Nephew

    What a cutie. Great job.
  13. Rabbit9

    Tunisian pillow

    Pretty and I love the color.
  14. Rabbit9

    Cockscomb Doily

    Thanks everyone.
  15. Woot! You go girl! I'm glad to see a fellow Wa person and thread lover get some notice. Your page is great