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  1. That is working out better, I like the look of that so so much better. Now to continue and see what other issues I come up with.
  2. I am trying to make a headband in rounds but to make it where the ends are more pointed and narrow then in the middle. So far i have tried the following: ch 13 sc in 2nd ch from hook sc across to end, 3sc in last ch, turn sc on side to end, 2sc in end join with slst. 2sc in same st as slst, sc 10 times, 2sc in next st, 3sc in end st, 2sc in next sc, sc in next 10sc, 2sc in next sc, 3sc in end sc, join with slst to first sc. It seems to be workin but not sure i like it:think. Any ideas or suggestions? Please help
  3. so many awesome ideas. Thank you ladies for your in put. I know I will go with the cup cozies. Now to research the other ideas. If I dont use them this year, I will have a head start for next year.
  4. This year for my co-workers, I have decieded to make randome items, put them in boxes, wrap em and let them choose the box they want. Last year I made hat/scarf sets for everyone. So far I have made, spa-set, kitchen items (dish cloths, towels and dish soap cover), slippers, and a snowman tp cover. With the spa set i have included soap, bath salt, lotion and candle. With the slippers I have included lotion. I have 7 co-workers and 4 items made. Any suggestions on 3 other items I could make? I am browsing thru my books and magaiznes again.
  5. Happy Holidays everyone. My list will be short, I just moved into a small effiency apartment and dont have to much room. 1) your favorite hat/scarf pattern. Kids or adults. 2) shrug/wrap patterns. 3) Yarn, any type or color or amount 4) Christmas cards Thank you and god bless you all. Now off to see what wishes I can grant.
  6. This is awesome. Please enter me. Yarn = Hats (for next year charities.
  7. I find that the people I give gifts to really do like em. I always make something for the girls at work, this year I made snowman tp covers for the girls at work. As for my family, I make new hat/scarf sets for everyone, and something snowman related for my mom every year. I also choose one family member and make them an afghan.
  8. hi, I would like to help you out. If you could pm me your addy I will get a box out by the end of the month. I already donated 100 hats in various sizes around here. Now I am just usin up my left over yarn for preemie hats.
  9. by the photo i think you did a good job. As everyone knows, the first one is always off a little. At least in my case it is, lol. You should be proud of yourself, for doing a good job.
  10. Thank you so much for the link. that is it. thank you thank you thank you thank you:clap:cheer:hug this will be the newest of the hats i am makin for our local childrens hospitals here in Indiana
  11. Over the weekend I bought some yarn at a yard sale. As I was sorting thru it yesterday, I found an almost completed project. I am pretty sure I can finish it but would like to find the actuall pattern used. I went back to were I bought the yarn, the lady there said it had been her mother-in-laws who had passed away this past winter. She said she was not able to find a pattern, that is why she tossed it in the bag of yarn I had bought. I attached a photo of the scarve. I hope someone recoginzes it and could tell me where to find the pattern. Thank you
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