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  1. Kathy this is beautiful I love the colors together. I am so glad you could use the yarn and that it was so soft. I am always nervous buying yarn for someone else since I know how picky I have become in what I buy for myself.
  2. Happy Mothers day to all the moms, I rec'd 2 puffy's today with a total of 15 squares in them. one was from tiffer, and the other from pineknott. I also rec'd( if my brain is not failing me) 8 others this week from i think it was dragnlady5, csheridian, and viking. sorry if its not the right count I put them with all the ones I had from before. so added with the total before, if my counts are right I rec'd 49 squares . thank you all so much the squares are all beautiful and all so different I can not wait to put it together. I just bought black yarn to edge them all and will start doing t
  3. Sorry I thought I had posted I think there were 26 squares. Since I am edging them you don't have to tuck ends I actually don't mind doing it.
  4. here are the ones I have rec'd so far. than you everyone that sent them I am almost ready to start putting it together. I love each and every one
  5. I am so sorry I haven't been around. After some deep thought I have decided I am not the labor delivery kind of nurse. I am hanging my hat up and going back to my previous position of a stroke unit. So I have been working 2 jobs and making over Kendra house since she moves home in 11 days. Anyways I have Rec'd 26 squares and they are awesome. I for some reason I can't upload from my phone so I will do it as soon as I get home in the am. I plan on edging them in black to make all the wonderful colors pop. Well here comes another active patient ugh so gotta go.
  6. Good Afternoon everyone. I received a few more squares in the mail yesterday and today. today they were from cshort 4 that will add a nice punch of color. and a couple from someone that I am not sure of, my DH tossed the envelope before i realized I didnt note who they were from. I snapped a picture of them but have to wait for DH to be home so I can use his camera cord. I hope everyone is feeling better, my allergies have been going crazy since we have had nothing but rain for 2-3 days. I did get great news this week my son in law finally got his release date from the marines, so they are m
  7. Good Morning everyone. I am back after a long 3 days out of town with my boys robotics team. Unfortunately the team did not make the cut for the state championships, but the kids had fun and did win a finalist silver medal in a previous competition. And they have 1 more off season competition they can do in June. I had printed out the list of squares and set my yard aside and promptly forgot to pack it. so I am going to start them today after I get a little sleep. Katie I received the squares from you as I was walking out the door thursday I will post a picture as soon as I can get one. thank
  8. Hello everyone, First I want to say I am sorry it took so long for me to claim my beautiful crown, I have been working a bunch and doing it on midnights sometimes gets my days mixed up. I am super excited to be the Queen this month, and and overwhelmed by the amount of squares already pledged. I can not wait to start putting them all together. to catch up on a few posts, congrats on the new bug and skoglett my prayers are going out to those that asked. (sorry my quote didnt work ) I am heading out of town tomorrow evening for a robotics competition for my boys but will be checking in fro
  9. I rec'd 2 very pretty multi colored squares today from katherine elaine. thank you they will fit nicely in the ghan.
  10. hi all sorry I have been MIA this week, but I had some very bad news come to me on saturday. my cousins 11 month old passed away. she was taking a nap on her parents bed and rolled in between the bed and wall and got stuck. her mom found her. today is the funeral I made a few flower arrangements and now my house smells like lillies. ugh i hate the smell of them. well I cant sleep and figure i should work on something so ill be back probably in a few days.
  11. I recieved 2 squares from cshort. in pinks. thank you they will fit nicely in the ghan:hug
  12. Hi everyone I have been hang low working on quilts for Christmas and stuff for Kendra. I am doing the Noah's ark blanket for the olympics on here I am 13 rows in so far I have never done a ripple before and this is going pretty quick. Hope everyone's weekend was good
  13. no I only did the shadow 1 night. but i am very intrigued by it and am thinking i will pursue it soon. I can't wait to be able to see my grandson. little Benjamin is going to bring much joy since when they move back next may I will be helping watch him so kendra can work while chris is in school. I miss little ones.
  14. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/masa-bag basically a large rectangle and then its folded.
  15. Saw it the other day and it feels like rough RHSS.
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