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  1. Kathy this is beautiful I love the colors together. I am so glad you could use the yarn and that it was so soft. I am always nervous buying yarn for someone else since I know how picky I have become in what I buy for myself.
  2. Happy Mothers day to all the moms, I rec'd 2 puffy's today with a total of 15 squares in them. one was from tiffer, and the other from pineknott. I also rec'd( if my brain is not failing me) 8 others this week from i think it was dragnlady5, csheridian, and viking. sorry if its not the right count I put them with all the ones I had from before. so added with the total before, if my counts are right I rec'd 49 squares . thank you all so much the squares are all beautiful and all so different I can not wait to put it together. I just bought black yarn to edge them all and will start doing that this week. :ty
  3. Sorry I thought I had posted I think there were 26 squares. Since I am edging them you don't have to tuck ends I actually don't mind doing it.
  4. here are the ones I have rec'd so far. than you everyone that sent them I am almost ready to start putting it together. I love each and every one
  5. I am so sorry I haven't been around. After some deep thought I have decided I am not the labor delivery kind of nurse. I am hanging my hat up and going back to my previous position of a stroke unit. So I have been working 2 jobs and making over Kendra house since she moves home in 11 days. Anyways I have Rec'd 26 squares and they are awesome. I for some reason I can't upload from my phone so I will do it as soon as I get home in the am. I plan on edging them in black to make all the wonderful colors pop. Well here comes another active patient ugh so gotta go.
  6. Good Afternoon everyone. I received a few more squares in the mail yesterday and today. today they were from cshort 4 that will add a nice punch of color. and a couple from someone that I am not sure of, my DH tossed the envelope before i realized I didnt note who they were from. I snapped a picture of them but have to wait for DH to be home so I can use his camera cord. I hope everyone is feeling better, my allergies have been going crazy since we have had nothing but rain for 2-3 days. I did get great news this week my son in law finally got his release date from the marines, so they are moving home with my grandson in a month. I can't wait havent seen him since christmas. although now i have to get moving on cleaning and painting their house before they get back so everything is set for them. well gotta get ready for work tonight and tomorrow. oh and Kuddles not sure if you saw this picture, these are the squares I won from you with ben wrapped like a burrito
  7. Good Morning everyone. I am back after a long 3 days out of town with my boys robotics team. Unfortunately the team did not make the cut for the state championships, but the kids had fun and did win a finalist silver medal in a previous competition. And they have 1 more off season competition they can do in June. I had printed out the list of squares and set my yard aside and promptly forgot to pack it. so I am going to start them today after I get a little sleep. Katie I received the squares from you as I was walking out the door thursday I will post a picture as soon as I can get one. thank you for the squares.
  8. Hello everyone, First I want to say I am sorry it took so long for me to claim my beautiful crown, I have been working a bunch and doing it on midnights sometimes gets my days mixed up. I am super excited to be the Queen this month, and and overwhelmed by the amount of squares already pledged. I can not wait to start putting them all together. to catch up on a few posts, congrats on the new bug and skoglett my prayers are going out to those that asked. (sorry my quote didnt work ) I am heading out of town tomorrow evening for a robotics competition for my boys but will be checking in from my phone, so please excuse any typos. I am packing yarn for squares to make while sitting in the stands again thanks for the honor.
  9. I rec'd 2 very pretty multi colored squares today from katherine elaine. thank you they will fit nicely in the ghan.
  10. I really liked this one, i think it should make a return.(can't wait for the scavenger hunt one either) I was concerned about the yarn, that is why I wrapped in the less expensive green skein instead of the lace weight. I was worried about the snag factor and it getting stretched out.
  11. I am so glad you liked it all. the sunny seeds are my new addiction, i figure the sunflower seed counter acts the calories in the chocolate lol. I loved the lace yarn so much I am ordering some for me.
  12. I love seeing all the different magic balls. They have all turned out so nice and so different. This swap was so fun figuring out what to include.
  13. tcarra i just checked and your package is in PA has been since yesterday so hopefully it will be to you soon
  14. I just opened and unwound my magic ball. I got 4 skeins of yarn in greens and brown, a knit washcloth that is sooooo soft, stitch markers, a crocheted flower, toys for my birds. (which are chirping wildly right now waiting for their toys) a tape measure, blocking pins, and 3 beautiful bookmarks, a tube of chapstick and a wooden crochet hook. I am so spoiled because I also received homemade butterscotch which is mighty tasty. thank you so much Tracey for everything, I really enjoyed having you as a partner. OMG I totally forgot to add the bag off coffee.
  15. ummm no my DH even walked by and said "WHAT is That? you might want to try again." lol is was a hot mess. last edit: I just emailed my DC# to you and mom4x
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