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  1. Thats what I have used for the 2 that I made. they turned out great and so soft and warm
  2. I made one for my nephew for christmas. It took me 2.5 nights to make it. I love how fast they work up. I did make it 5 squares X 5 squares he absolutely loved it thank you rose red for the great pattern
  3. very nice. i'm sure she wont mind waiting for that:lol
  4. I just finished one in red black and white. i used crochet dad's pattern. it turned out great.
  5. The edging made it perfect. Thanks for telling us how you do it. it made it much more special than the normal sc i usually do around it.
  6. I finished one last week. i posted it in the afghan show &tell so here's the link http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1830108#post1830108 I used the edging that crochet dad explained and it turned out beautiful.
  7. sherrilynn those colors are gorgeous together. nice job
  8. I started with carron ss in lemonade(yellow) then used grey and then bernet in black. They were a hit. merry christmas everyone
  9. I finished 3 for christmas for my neice and nephews. I did a blue/ green one (neice) and then a spiderman and a batman one. they had to be different so i took batman colors and did one.
  10. actually Tilly, I am in the middle of 2 right now. and 2 other blankets as well.
  11. Very nice. I started another one tonight after finishing a blue/green one. The new one is a version of the spiderman one, but done in batman colors and I'm going to stitch the bat symbol on it (I hope). I'm doing this one and the spiderman one for my nephews for christmas.
  12. thanks. and ruby 51 that is so cute with you dog all snuggly.
  13. thanks, I used vanna and jiffy yarns in it. the color inbetween each was a mixture of all the others.
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