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  1. First - I don't know if I am posting this in the correct area or not, feel free to move it if it belongs elsewhere. I am looking for a website where I can buy shoe/slipper soles that I can use for the bottoms of slippers so they can be worn outdoors as well as indoors. They can be sew on or iron on soles. I have seen a couple of different styles at hobby lobby but they are not quite what I am looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Lacey
  2. I have most of my patterns on my computer. I have them organized by the type of pattern.(crochet,knit or loom) then separated by category (clothing, purses & handbags etc) I have a stack of patterns that are printed and they are in a file box. I have a few books and leaflets as well. I tend to download the free patterns even I don't care for them. I figure somewhere down the road I might actually know someone who would like it.
  3. Awesome job! I need to keep this in mind for next year.
  4. Those are both Beautiful! Great job! If I may ask, where did you find that pattern?
  5. Welcome! I am from Texas as well. Austin to be exact.
  6. The more pictures the better for me. I would rather have them there for reference than to have to try and try again to get it right which to me is even more frustrating than having to wait for the pictures to load.
  7. Im up for it! I am new here and would love to get to know everyone! my email is mimutrice at gmail dot com
  8. I am learning how to knit. I knew how to crochet first and always found knitting intriguing so I decided to try it as well. I also knit with looms .
  9. That is very pretty! Thank you for sharing.
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