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  1. Hey Champygirl...I'm running into trouble on Round 5....I've ripped this out twice and can't figure out why it's not working...wonder what I'm doing wrong? Any ideas? I counted my stitches up thru round 4 and it looks great and matches your numbers...I'm stumped! Merry ♥
  2. Wow Linda..you do incredible work...I was looking at your blog and checking out your other doilies...amazing...incredible...love the butterfly doily...I have made some thread bookmarks and have a small doily started...I would love to make the ones you make...I am really speechless...all that work...what a gift you have! Enjoying your pictures, Merry
  3. Thanks Anna...mine turned out great! I found some great beads at Michael's. There are actually butterfly beads in the package...how perfect...I'll try and post a picture! Merry P.S. Thanks so much for an amazing pattern...I love it...everyone loves it, that I give it to!
  4. Hi Apak...I just made a small butterfly bookmark, but have not added the bead...would you explain a little more clearly, on how you attach the bead? For instance, do you make a knot and then pull the bead over, or are you sewing the thread thru the bead and adding a little hot glue? Thanks for helping me out! I haven't bought my beads yet...LOL! Do you use a certain mm of bead? Thanks, Merry
  5. Help...I so want to make this! I have round 1 done...LOL! I must not be doing something right...is round one the head of the cat? I have crocheted a bookmark out of thread before, but I'm not getting something. Could someone take me through round 2 with baby steps? Thanks so much, Merry
  6. In response to: "How do I put attach the sprinkles?" I use embroidery thread and sew them on in various places. Thanks again Tapanga for a GREAT pattern! A couple of my friends in our knitting/crochet group, just made one...they are adorable. I made one for my granddaughter originally. Then, I made one for the 3 little girls at my Church...and now I'm making one for my cousins' daughter. It's a pattern that I will make over and over again! Happy Crocheting! Merry
  7. I did a google search of meribears and this is what came up. http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/miniature-crocheted-bear-rugs?refItemId=AAAAASkaEH0AAAAAAOxp2A&fromStoreDomain=crochetville.org
  8. I found the site...where to order the book from! Merry
  9. Where can I order this book from? Thanks, Merry
  10. Ok...here is my progress so far. I have all 4 circles done! I have the hat brim and trim and am starting the scarf...this is an adorable pattern and I thank all of you that have helped this newbie to crochet, along! Thanks a million! I have to get some buttons! I'm also wondering about that little flower thingy on the trim...sprtsbear didn't write any directions for that...anyone got any ideas for me? Thanks, Merry
  11. Thanks! I figured that's what it would do...I bought a size 6 and will give it a try! Merry
  12. I have only been crocheting for about 3 months. I just wondered how to start this scarf. Usually, you chain so many, but this pattern says to Make 2 circles 5 rounds and 2 circles 4 rounds...are those DC or SC...how exactly do I start? Thanks for the patience ahead of time. This is so adorable...I LOVE snowmen! Thanks, in advance! Merry P.S.I'll probably have more questions as I go along!
  13. Is there a big difference between a size 6 and 7 hook? Thanks, Merry
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