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    Fairview Heights, Illinois
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    of course crocheting!, camping, fishing, reading, bowling just to name a few
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    registered radiology technologist (retired)
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    childrens clothing, thread crochet
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  1. Hi Sara! Welcome! I am not far from you! Across the river in Fairview Heights. Enjoy!
  2. The shorter the name, the better off you are on Etsy. It is hard enough to remember names and shops. You might also want to check and see if there is a letter limit. Once upon a time there was and my original shop was way too long. Lucky enough they let us change our shop names and I went from Everlasting Crafty Creations to Head2urtoes.
  3. I use to make them too! Love your colors!
  4. Congratulations! Love the colors too! You did a great job!
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