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    I am 51 and was taught to crochet by my Grandmother when I was in grade school.
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    Crocheting, sewing bicycling, dollmaking, reading
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    was an engineer, now happily stay-at-home
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    dolls, animals, and wraps
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    probably since 1967, when I was 10
  1. Diane, your dolls are simply lovely! I'm just amazed at all the colors, and I love the dress you designed for them :-) I hope you'll post their pictures on the Free Spirit flickr photostream. Beth
  2. Very sweet doll, and so nice of you to share with everyone :-) Beth
  3. beth_in_indy


    Your crochet is awesome! Follow your heart and do what you enjoy...it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks :-) Beth
  4. Kirsti, Your critters are adorable! If you are ever interested in making an ami human doll, I have free pattern on my blog: http://www.byhookbyhand.blogspot.com She's called Free Spirit and she also has some wardrobe pieces available. Your crochet is great! Beth
  5. beth_in_indy

    Amigurumi puppi

    What a sweet little guy. Thank-you for the link :-) Beth
  6. She is great! Well done :-) Beth
  7. I have a new pattern available for a little bear. In sportweight yarn they are about 3 1/2 " tall. The pattern is here: http://sites.google.com/site/designbybethann/home/links/Better_Bear.pdf?attredirects=0 and you can also get there from my blog: www.byhookbyhand.blogspot.com where there are other free patterns as well. Enjoy! Beth
  8. Your doll is adorable! For your first ami, this was probably not the easiest pattern you could have picked, but you did a great job. Love her tank top and skirt. I'm so happy to see her take form from someone else's hook. Beth
  9. Cathy, your doll is absolutely adorable! I LOVE the ponytails :-) I can hardly wait to see her dressed. How tall did she end up? I will happily put her on my blog; I'm delighted to see the pattern being made up :-) Beth
  10. This made me smile! I'm glad you enjoy my flickr site :-) And, I hope there are not too many mistakes in the patterns I've provided. Beth
  11. Thank-you all for your kind words. She was a lot of fun to figure out, and pretty easy to make. Beth, I hope to get some clothing patterns up on my blog in the next couple of days. Beth
  12. I have a pattern available for my Free Spirit Amigurumi doll, pictured below. The pattern is for the doll only at this time. I will have clothing patterns for her as I get them written up. http://sites.google.com/site/designbybethann/home/links/FreeSpiritAmigurumiDoll.pdf?attredirects=0 A picture tutorial to go with the instructions is available here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29184580@N04/collections/72157621892764268/ Hope you enjoy making her!
  13. That is the cutest frog pattern I've seen! Great job. I'd love to see Frogette without her dress, if she isn't too shy. Beth
  14. How about a long scarf made with different 'manly' colors and textures. It could be as simple as single crochet or half double crochet, and you could mix it up by doing some rows in the back loop only (I love the way this looks). He'll think of you whenever he wears it, and it will keep him warm...like a hug around the neck :-) Beth
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