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  1. thankyou that's a great idea Regards Lesley
  2. Thankyou Boksie for the great pattern I am from Australia, and I do alot of crocheting for charity thanks again Lesley
  3. Hello I am looking for a pattern to cover my lawn bowls to place in my bag to save scratches. The pattern can be knitted or crocheted. Thankyou for taking the time to read my request Regards Lesley
  4. Hi I am from Australia. I also agree the patterns a lovely but the postage is far to expensiveto buy in kit form. So I guess I will have to keep hoping they may change their thinking. Regards Lesley
  5. Hello I am looking for a pattern called Squares And Ladders by Dorothy M Warrell. Mary Maxium has a kit form, but as I live in Australia the postage is far to expensive. Thankyou Lesley
  6. Thankyou very much that was it on Etsy and I will try that pattern Thanyou once again Lesley
  7. No sorry it is a row of small hearts divided by squares
  8. Hi I am looking for a pattern called Confetti Hearts Baby Afgan. There is one on Etsy but unfortunatly the lady has lost the pattern Can anyone help me? Thankyou
  9. Yes thankyou very muchI will have to find a simple one to start
  10. Thankyou for repling yes I have but she only does baby ones and I wanted to do adults
  11. Hi Can anyone tell me as to how I crochet afgan graphs and what pattern would I get to start. thankyou
  12. Hi I am looking for a pattern for an adult slipper ( folded ) squares made intoy slippers either crochet or knitted This is a very old vintage pattern you knit the squares (3 or4) for each slipper then fold them Thankyou Lesley PS there are a few on Raverly but the pattern I am after is Susan Anderson page 81 booties for adults only as I have the baby one
  13. thankyou very much thats it
  14. Hello can anyone tell me as to where I may get some directions to do this lovely stich thankyou Lesley
  15. thankyou very much I have just ordered it from them lesley
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