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  1. I'm so behind, its not even funny. *sighs*
  2. Is this week's flake posted and I'm just not seeing it
  3. That's adorable! I am totally using it!
  4. That is really pretty! I'm almost finished last week's snowflake. On the last round. I did go ahead and block all of the existing snowflakes, just haven't taken pics yet. One of them ended up being a 7 pointer, but that's fine, I like the odd ones.
  5. welcome Shannon! I've only got perhaps two more rounds of last week's flake, then I'll have this week's flake to do and I'll be all caught up! YAY!
  6. Looks very pretty! I finally did week 8's flake and am on the third round of week 9.
  7. I need to actually find time to do the last two weeks' flakes. *sighs*
  8. Noting done this week, so a big fat 0 for me.
  9. I've goten behind on my 'flakes! I haven't had time to even do the flake from last week that I proposed! *slaps forehead* Hopefully being stuck inside the house tomorrow with this snowstorm will give me time to do it.
  10. Wow, that is awesome that everyone's able to do so many different versions of this snowflake!
  11. lol, I've had that happen. I just like those odd mutant ones, they're so unique!
  12. We're still doing really good, more positives than negatives, and the gold medal was SO much more than the shoot the moon score! I've used enough of a white skein to roll it into a ball, so +1 for me already!
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