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    I am a sahm mommy of 3 girls. I have been married for 6 years and live in So. Cal.
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    crochet, baking, scrapbooking, photo editing
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    quick projects, doilies, anything felted
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  1. Well, so far, so good- but I'm only on the 6th row. I have been busy with finals coming up. I'll have more free time to finish once they are over. It does seem a little chunky, though, so maybe I will start over with another yarn. Will have to check my stash and see if I have something comparable.
  2. I've started- only on the 6th row, though. I can tell it's going to be cute with the yarn that I'm using, but it seems rather chunky. I'm wondering if I should start over with a larger hook.
  3. Thank you! I've finished my homework and cleaned up the mess in my bedroom that I have been putting off (doesn't that make me feel like a teenager again! ) so I should be able to get started tonight.
  4. I am in! I have 4 balls of Red Heart Boutique Midnight in the shadow colorway that I had planned for something else but it is not working. Probably won't start until Thursday or Friday, though. Amy, yours is beautiful. What size hook/how many balls did you use?
  5. Scooby!!! :hug:hug So good to see you again! I'm happy that things are turning around for you.
  6. I've made a couple sweaters where I made the sleeves separately and whipstitched them on.
  7. Very nice snuggie. #10!! You are fast! Mine still wasn't going too well and I eventually just got bored of it. So I decided to make one with Rose Red's flannel-ghan pattern. Instead of doing 5 strips with 7 blocks each, I am doing 5 strips with 5 blocks each. I finished the 3rd strip and put in holes on the second one (as I will on the 4th) for the arms. This one is moving along much quicker because it is a pattern that I love.
  8. You all are so fast!! We had an eventful weekend so I wasn't able to at all. I am planning to work on mine tonight and tomorrow night while dh is at school. The "body" is about 1/2-way done.
  9. How pretty!! I love the colors. Great job!
  10. How is everyone doing? I've been working on mine all morning but am only about 20 rows into it. I've found that I crochet faster when I listen to music so I am going to dig out my earphones and see how much I get done that way.
  11. Have you tried using stitch markers? I usually set them about 20 stitches apart, that way if I lose count I don't have to start from the row, I just start from the last marker. As for the Simply Soft, I try not to use it because it is slippery to me and often my ends come unraveled. Although I did use it to make a sweater a long time ago and it stretched a lot!
  12. I bought the yarn yesterday and will start on it as soon as I finish one thing for my swap. Joanne's had Caron Pounders on sale so I bought one in dark blue. I am also making it for my 6 y/o who is very tall for her age so I may add extra rows to the body.
  13. Ok, I ripped out the 3 rows I had finished, because it was just taking too long. I don't like dc, so I am thinking of doing hdc and making more rows. That might work up a little faster than the dc, sc, dc, sc that the Bernat pattern calls for.
  14. I'm on the third row. I know my dd will love this for Christmas but repetitive-ness drives me insane!
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