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    I am a sahm mommy of 3 girls. I have been married for 6 years and live in So. Cal.
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  1. I've made a couple sweaters where I made the sleeves separately and whipstitched them on.
  2. Very nice snuggie. #10!! You are fast! Mine still wasn't going too well and I eventually just got bored of it. So I decided to make one with Rose Red's flannel-ghan pattern. Instead of doing 5 strips with 7 blocks each, I am doing 5 strips with 5 blocks each. I finished the 3rd strip and put in holes on the second one (as I will on the 4th) for the arms. This one is moving along much quicker because it is a pattern that I love.
  3. You all are so fast!! We had an eventful weekend so I wasn't able to at all. I am planning to work on mine tonight and tomorrow night while dh is at school. The "body" is about 1/2-way done.
  4. How pretty!! I love the colors. Great job!
  5. How is everyone doing? I've been working on mine all morning but am only about 20 rows into it. I've found that I crochet faster when I listen to music so I am going to dig out my earphones and see how much I get done that way.
  6. Have you tried using stitch markers? I usually set them about 20 stitches apart, that way if I lose count I don't have to start from the row, I just start from the last marker. As for the Simply Soft, I try not to use it because it is slippery to me and often my ends come unraveled. Although I did use it to make a sweater a long time ago and it stretched a lot!
  7. I bought the yarn yesterday and will start on it as soon as I finish one thing for my swap. Joanne's had Caron Pounders on sale so I bought one in dark blue. I am also making it for my 6 y/o who is very tall for her age so I may add extra rows to the body.
  8. Ok, I ripped out the 3 rows I had finished, because it was just taking too long. I don't like dc, so I am thinking of doing hdc and making more rows. That might work up a little faster than the dc, sc, dc, sc that the Bernat pattern calls for.
  9. I'm on the third row. I know my dd will love this for Christmas but repetitive-ness drives me insane!
  10. That will be so cozy! I have an entire diaper box of chenille T&Q...that might just be scratchy, though.
  11. I am in. My 6 y/o daughter really wants one of these. I will be using the Bernat pattern with ILTY in sea blue.
  12. I made one for my dh too, and he loves it! He chose black and red and wanted it to look like a checkerboard rather than flannel, but I used the same pattern and all. I will try to get a pic of it, and now am thinking of making one for myself.
  13. I am going to borrow your basic pattern for this and make a black/red one, except dh wants it to look like a checkerboard, with only solid red and solid black squares. I've already worked up 1-1/2 strips and it works up quickly! It is addicting too- I keep thinking, "Ok, I can get just one more square done while watching this show," or while the kids are in the bath, or whatever.
  14. Even though this isn't my thread, I wanted to say thank you for the responses as well! I recently had neck x-rays and the dr. said I have absolutely no arthritis in my neck, but there is a spasm on the side, which I already knew from the pain. He told me there is nothing that can be done until I see an Ortho. I asked him if the pain in my shoulder is from a pinched nerve or something and he said no way...I'm positive it is, though, because sometimes the pain radiates through my arm, into my hand and my last two fingers will go numb. He says they are completely unrelated but I am going to w
  15. Definitely go to the doctor. I have the same pains in my left shoulder blade, it's actually more behind the shoulder blade. It has gotten so bad lately that sometimes when I lie on my left side, my arm becomes tingly. I also have very low blood pressure, good sugar and cholesterol counts, etc. My dr. referred me to an orthopedist, who I will be seeing in a couple of weeks. The dr. gave me shoulder/back exercises to do daily, they really don't help but I try anyway.
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