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  1. Hi all! Beth, 6 weeks is such a long time! Hope it passes relatively quickly. Good luck on the job hunt. I agree- if it is affecting your health, it is definitely not worth it to stay. Leeann, you are such a busy bee! I hope you get a nice little break this weekend. Sorry to hear your ds is having girlfriend issues. Your classes sound so fun- wish I could take one! Glad to hear you have such a great turnout for them. As for the lesson plans- we do not have thematic plans...we do emergent curriculum. We are actually advised in school that we should not do themes because the kids may not be interested in what we have planned...so we should plan according to what they are interested in at the time. Joanne, I can't believe you're getting more snow!! You all must be buried by now. Were you allowed to work from home? How wonderful that the LYS refunded you for the cable. Aren't bamboo needles just the best? I like that they don't clink together. LOL Sounds like your blanket is really coming along. I've been taking Mia's blanket with me to karate practice...I can get about 6-7 rows done during one class. But I need to step it up because her b-day is in 25 days and I am only about 2/3 done. Last night I ended up making crunchwraps. yum! The younger two didn't eat, of course, so they found their own dinners. Tonight I am making quesadillas with the leftover chicken, grilled onions, and avocado. I also bought meatballs because I know they won't eat the quesadillas, either. That's all the news from here. Love and hugs!
  2. Hi all! Beth, that's great that your hubby helps you with menu planning and the grocery list. Menu planning and grocery shopping really frustrates me. I love to cook, but my family members all have such different food tastes. Plus Eva has texture issues, and of course Mia has the gluten issue (which our ped. has informed me that I cannot officially call Celiac since it wasn't diagnosed.) Sometimes I feel like a short-order cook. But I digress. Have you gone back to work yet? Or are you still snowed-in? Hope you were able to finish your nephew's hat. Joanne and Leeann, hope all is well! The preschool is getting better, I think. The teachers loved my first lesson plan idea. that it goes well. Mia is now signed up for baseball, we just have to wait to hear from a coach. The park doesn't guarantee team requests. Oh, and Alex was recommended for his first belt promotion! He is so excited. That will happen in a couple weeks. Well I need to go figure out something for dinner. There is leftover chicken, so I am thinking a chicken salad of some sort. Love and hugs!
  3. Good afternoon! Leeann, WTG on getting your goodies inventoried. I had to giggle at your "overage" in the kitchen! Is your crochet class still going on? Well, when I got to the center today, one of the other student teachers mentioned that she woke up with a severe sore throat...so I guess it's going around. My throat feels slightly better today, but I can feel it starting in my nose as well. Fingers crossed it doesn't travel to my lungs again! I had planned to register for baseball yesterday, but found out that our coach from last year hasn't registered yet. So I might wait until tomorrow, because Mia really wants to be on his team again. Other than that, not much going on here. I need to make up a grocery list and do the shopping. Lately I've fallen into the habit of stopping at the store daily on my way home. I know that it costs more in the long run, so I need to get back to going once a week again. Love and hugs!
  4. Hi all! Joanne, what a great idea to use scotch tape to catch the stitches! I need to keep some in my knitting bag now. Glad you only dropped one stitch and that they were able to help you get it. Hope you had fun at craft club! Leeann, your goodies are so adorable! I especially love the alligator. So happy to hear your mojo has returned. Sometimes your brain just needs a break, I think. I will not get to take over the class entirely, although I do have to submit and facilitate 3 lesson plans over the course of the semester. My first one is fast approaching...I had planned to do a vet clinic or a post office but the kiddos don't seem to be into dramatic play much. They all love reading (yay!!) but I won't get to do a circle time until the end of the semester. Beth, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Are you staying warm? Have you gone back to work yet? How are the inventions? Well yesterday went better than last week, I think, at the preschool. I'm sure it will get easier as I go along and learn the routines. The kiddos sure are fun, though! My throat just started to hurt suddenly this afternoon, so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse by tomorrow. Let's see...dh bought tickets for him and Alex to attend Comic-Con in San Diego, in July. I know they will have a blast! I have to find something to do with the girls, though...they are not interested in going at all. I've never been to SD, so I am excited just to go. LoL Tomorrow I need to sign up Mia for baseball. Between class, practice, and games, our days are going to be full very soon! I am secretly glad that the Eva is not interested in anything extracurricular. I think that is all the news from here. I'm going to try and talk the kids into some soup tonight, so I don't have much to cook or clean up. Love and hugs!
  5. Hi ladies! Leeann, sorry to hear your creative mojo has disappeared. Hope you find it soon! You are always so busy, I'm sure it was nice for you to just relax on your days off. It's so sweet that you bought your hubby flowers! And made his favorite dinner...I have issues touching raw meat, also. I can handle chicken, but ground meat really grosses me out. Bleh!! To answer your question, I am working in the 3-year-old classroom. Today was my first day! It was kind of awkward, I think...but I think most first days are. Joanne, glad to hear you found great deals for Ryan's clothes! It is always helpful to find sales...especially at this age, when they grow like weeds. Did you get enough snow for a work-at-home day? Beth, I'm sorry to hear your job is not working out, but I agree- it's not worth it to be miserable and deal with all that stress! Your Friday celebration sounds wonderful! I think at a certain point, it becomes not so much about what you do, as who you do it with. After I picked up the kiddos today, dh called to ask if we wanted to meet at the park. So we ran while the kiddos biked, then played at the playground. I am tired! I'm not a huge fan of running, but we started with the Couch-to-5K app, and it's one minute run/1-1/2 minutes walk, 8 times. And I need to exercise anyway, so doing it with dh is much more fun. The girls both got their report cards this week. It looks like they are doing well, but the charter schools have a different way of grading, so it's hard to be sure. Alex's were distributed today, also, but he went on a field trip to a leadership conference today so he will get it tomorrow. Mia has a field trip on Friday to the science center, where they will also get to see the space shuttle Endeavor. Eva's class is having a movie party on Friday, and she is allowed to take a pillow or blanket with her. Sounds fun! Well, I better scoot. Love and hugs!
  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Well we didn't go for the bike ride because I forgot that Alex has Saturday school. Dh made my favorite breakfast (potato pancakes) and Eva made pink waffles for herself and Mia. My in-laws are coming over in the afternoon to drop off some things for the kiddos. Laundry is going and I need to vacuum. Also hoping to work on Mia's blanket today. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Beth, enjoy your dinner with dh! Love and hugs!
  7. Hi all! Beth, so sorry to hear your work isn't going well. Enjoy dinner out with your hubby- that was so sweet of him to ask! Joanne, good luck getting the house ready to sell. I think it's a wonderful idea to make a matching blanket for Robbie. I'm sure he will love having one that matches his brother's! Snoopy is a washcloth pattern, I worked it into a very easy blanket pattern. Now I can't remember how I did the edging around it. I'm really hoping that it is finished by March...but have been taking it to Alex's karate practice, where I can get about 4 rows done at a time. Leeann, Olaf is adorable! Your ice fest sounds like so much fun! I have to say that I do have pain when I crochet for a long time, and have found that knitting is MUCH easier on the wrists! How are the kiddos? I attended the orientation for my student teaching position, and I am so excited! I think it will be a fun semester. My other classes are going to be challenging- lots of papers and reports due. But I will be finished at the end of the semester, so just gotta keep my eye on the prize. The kiddos are doing well. Someone asked about the friends who were supposed to move. One of the families decided to stay in the area, and unfortunately the parents of the other girls ended up divorcing, and the girls are living with the parent that is closest to the school. So no one moved! We don't have special plans for tomorrow. I would like to avoid restaurants, because they will be packed. So I'm thinking we might go for a bike ride and get some take-out. Gotta scoot and get dinner ready. Love and hugs!
  8. Good afternoon! Beth, they are graduating already! Wow! Good for them, will they continue for their bachelor degrees? I will also be applying for graduation this semester. Dh wants me to keep going, but our school places about 90% of CD graduates, usually in the center where they do their field work. If I get hired, I want to work. So we will see in June. Sorry to hear the kids are rude. I hope you and the teacher can work out the conflict. Oh! I keep forgetting to tell you...I have made that chicken with the Rice Chex coating 3 times already, and everyone loves it! The kids ask for it at least twice a week. Joanne, I loved the pics of your snow angels! So glad you had a wonderful time with them. How is your dh feeling? Leeann, glad to hear your business is hopping! Try Emergen-C, I feel like a broken record when I suggest that to people but it really works. Hope you can ward off the cold. The girls' school had a fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese today, so we went right after school. They only played games, since they had just eaten lunch, but they had fun, I think. Alex's PE teacher gives them challenges twice a year where they have to try to run for the whole PE period. He actually did it today! But he said he felt like it was hard to breathe and he was wheezing afterward, so at his appointment next week I will ask his dr. to check for asthma. Dh is taking calculus this semester. It is an online course, so it will be a bit more challenging. He is one of those people who likes to sit in the front row. But I know he can do it! I haven't worked on Mia's blanket much, although I am almost done with the graph part. I have been redecorating our apartment. So far, I love it. I put pictures all down the hallway, re-painted a couple pictures that were in the dining area (they will be stenciled after they dry), and made a chalkboard with a weathered frame for the kitchen. Wish I would have gotten into this so much sooner! Well, I think that's all the news from here. Eva wants to go ride her bike, so off we go. Love and hugs!
  9. Good morning! Leeann, hope you got your treasury finished. It's always helpful to make lists and cross things off, so you can actually see what you are accomplishing. You are right with kids always needing some new garment. Although thankfully when Alex was small, I kept all of his old clothes, so Mia and Eva have some things stashed away for when those growth spurts hit! LoL Beth, glad to hear school is going smoother now. Good luck to your inventions this semester. How much longer do they have? Joanne, hope you made it through the icy weekend safely! Will you make it to craft club tonight or are the roads still bad? Good luck with the two-at-once sock class. I've always wondered how to do that. The blanket pattern I'm using is loosely based on this one. The problem is that I didn't understand the diagram completely, I guess, and it's knit from side to side rather than top-down. So I ended up working the pattern from top-down based on how I thought it would work. LoL And I also found this Snoopy graph that I am going to try doing in the square of the blanket. So fingers crossed that it actually works! Because I've already gotten distracted and had to rip 3 times. :/ We have had quite a weekend. Mia's friend spent the night on Saturday, and niece slept over last night. And of course the big game on Sunday, where my hubby almost had heart failure when the Seahawks game tied and went into OT! BIL and one of dh's friends came to watch with him, so lots of people going in and out. I received the results of my blood work- low vitamin D was the only issue that showed up. My total cholesterol is close to the 200-mark, also, so I am really working to have whole grains daily and get some exercise in. The doctor didn't comment on it, since it wasn't above 200, but my mom has cholesterol issues (as did my grandma) and it has always been something that I have dreaded. Dh's company is involved in a wellness program this year, with healthy eating and exercise challenges, so I feel like that also comes at a good time, for motivation. Today we will head to the mall because I have something to return to JC Penney, and Eva needs one of her ponies fixed at Build-A-Bear. Then we will go to the park, I think, because the kiddos really need to get out for a while. I will probably take my knitting- it is much more slow-going than crochet, and I am hoping to have most of it done by the time I go back to school. Love and hugs!!
  10. Hi friends! Beth, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! How is school going? Are you still being moved from room to room? How are your inventions? Have they started a new semester yet? Your Keurig sounds wonderful. Dh was going to buy me one for Chistmas, but I already have a french press and an espresso machine, so it didn't make much sense. Leeann, so glad to hear your online is doing well, but sorry you are stressed. Fingers crossed that you figure out what is going on with your sweet dd. Hopefully the protein helps. Good luck with the organizing, and with your craft along. Sounds like fun! Joanne, how are those adorable boys? How are dd and family doing in the new house? Glad to hear your dh is recovering well. Sounds like you are busy with knitting projects! The mosaic one really sounds interesting. Can't wait to see how it progresses! Let's see...I go back to school on Feb. 9, so I still have a nice little break left. I have much planned as far as organizing and cleaning, but so far haven't started. I did, however, start a knitted blanket for Mia, and am re-reading Divergent, so a friend and I can see the movie together. Those things are more important than cleaning, anyway, right? I am finally over the bronchitis, but my doctor prescribed a daily steroid inhaler as a preventative measure. I also landed in the ER two weeks ago because I had weakness in both legs and one arm. The dr. ordered an EKG, CT scan, and blood work, and all came back fine. My primary doc ordered more extensive blood work, and I should have the results by next week. We had a nice break although we didn't do much. We did get passes to Universal Studios, and the kiddos are so excited. I personally like Knott's better, but Universal is only a 20-minute drive. I'm sure my feelings will change once Harry Potter World opens in 2016. Alex has gained a bit of weight so I'm going to ask his dr. about on his next appointment. I'm not sure if it's related to the implant, or if he's just not getting enough exercise. The girls each have two friends who are moving in the next month or so, so it is going to be pretty emotional around here. Mia has been besties with one of hers since kinder, and the other one was the first friend she made at the new school. Eva is friends with both girls' younger sisters. Eva was already crying today, but I think Mia is still in denial. Well,, I think that's all the news for now. Love and hugs!
  11. Hi all!! It's so good to finally get in here and catch up! I swear, I've had two projects due each week for the past month. I think the professors coordinate with one another on how to make students crazy. Beth, that chicken parm recipe sounds so yummy! I am a sucker for ranch dressing. How well did it work with the Rice Chex? Good luck to your inventions with their finals. Mine are all next week. I can't wait! I also registered for my spring classes. Did your inventions get the ones they needed? Leeann, 47 orders in 3 days?! You must be exhausted! I don't know how you do it. Good luck with your computer. Technology can be so frustrating. Joanne, I LOVE the photo of your girls and grandsons on FB! I bet it was wonderful having them all together. I just finished up my last assignment for the semester. After dinner, I need to go to Toys R Us and pick up my layaway. Can I just brag about my kiddos for a moment? They really didn't ask for anything big this year, and when I asked them why, they said they already have everything they want. I'm pretty proud of them. As for hooky time...I was working on a baby blanket for a friend of a friend, but ran out of yarn. I was wondering why, because usually Caron 1 lb is enough for a 30x36 inch blanket, but somehow I ended up making it 46 inches wide! I contemplated frogging it and starting over, but it needs to be done by the 17th. My aunt also asked me to make mittens for my cousin, so I still have to mail them. And I am working on knitting Bella mittens for my girlies. They're supposed to be stocking stuffers, but at this point, I don't know. I think that's all the news from here...just trying to get through the last few days of class, getting ready for Christmas, and then Alex's birthday. Gotta scoot and make dinner. Love and hugs!
  12. Good evening! Beth, glad I could help! I'm kind of bummed, because I found out I have an overpayment, which must be repaid in order to register for next semester. If it's not one thing, it's another. Joanne, your squares are so pretty! Have you tried the chestnut praline latte? I want to, but am afraid it will be bad. Leann, you are always SO busy! I'm with Beth- I don't know how you do it! How are the kiddos? I went to the Urgent Care yesterday because this cough will not go away- turns out I have asthma-induced bronchitis. The doctor gave me a prescription for an inhaler- I am really hoping it kicks in soon because I have a presentation tomorrow! Today was Mia's last baseball game. I have to say, I'm not sad to see the season end. It was a good game for Mia- she actually got to play infield for the first time all season! And the coach gave her 'player of the game.' Her coach from last season took his kiddos to the game, then we all went out for pizza afterward. It was fun, his boys are wonderful and all of the kids get along really well. The wind is really kicking up here, though, and Mia and Eva are both feeling under the weather. I think they will go to work with dh tomorrow. I am so thankful that he is able to take them, it is a huge help when they are sick and I can't stay home. Well, I guess I better scoot and see what needs to be done for tomorrow. Love and hugs!
  13. Hi guys! So sorry I have been absent...each time I post, I promise myself I will come back and check up again...and then I get sidetracked. Beth, I hope your dd's finger is better by now! How painful to cut off the tip! Sorry to hear the kids are giving you trouble. How in the world do they expect you to be in two rooms at once? Leeann, you sound like such a busy bee, as always! I'm so happy that your business is thriving. I am proud of you, my friend. Joanne, glad to hear dh's surgery went well. Your blanket is gorgeous! Congrats to your dd on her 1 year anniversary- how exciting! The pic you posted on FB of you and the boys is so sweet. I thought of you when the 'Bux holiday drinks came back...I stopped to get a Caramel Brulee latte like 3 times last week. But then my gift card ran out, so I have been limiting myself. Let's see...school has really kept me busy- I literally have a project due every week from now until finals! But I only need 3 more classes, and I will be able to apply for my child development permit! My registration date is on the 20th, so I'm hoping I can get the ones I need. The kiddos are doing well. Report cards came out two weeks ago, but something happened with the computer system at the girls' school, so I still haven't gotten Mia's. I did speak to her teacher, and he said she is one of the top math students in the class! He was SO surprised to hear she struggled last year...on one test, she was the only one in the class that passed! I am over-the-moon thrilled with this new school. Alex's mood swings have not changed, and his dr. said they probably won't go away entirely, because the blocker implant essentially threw him into a menopause-like state. We switched bedrooms with the kids, though, so they have the bigger one, took the bunk beds apart, and put up a divider so the girls have one side and he has the other. That seems to have helped a bit. He feels like he has privacy now. Oh! And BIL and fam moved out. They are staying with MIL now...long story, but it is much less stressful here now. As for my hooks and needles...I just finished a knitted hat and Bella mittens for my mom's Christmas gift. She also wants a Mermaid Tears purse, so I am starting that today or tomorrow. A friend of a friend saw the Care Bears blanket I made on FB and my friend somehow got an order for a baby blanket from her. I am using Caron 1-pounder, and a simple shell stitch. That has to be finished by Dec. 17. I take it with me to baseball practice and games, though, so it is working up quickly. Well, that's all the news from here. I need to figure out what's for dinner before heading off to class. Love and hugs!
  14. HI ladies! Sorry I have been absent! I am exhausted...midterms were last week, and I have a project due every week until finals. The kiddos are good, getting very excited for Halloween! Alex is going to be a zombie Merle from Walking Dead, Mia will be Pikachu from Pokemon, and Eva is going as pink Supergirl. I'm glad that it is on Friday, so we can stay out a wee bit later. My friend's dd is having her birthday party on Friday also, so we will stop by there to drop off the gift before going out trick-or-treating. Alex's name change is officially official! Now to start the process of changing all the legal documents. Birth cert first, then SS card, then ID...once the birth certificate is changed, we can also change his insurance card, which I am personally looking forward to. His doctor has him listed as Alex (because she specializes in trans youth) but legally right now it is still his old name, so that's how all of the paperwork comes. The girls' school is up to renew their charter this year...I am :xfin that it is renewed, because I have seen such an improvement in both of their attitudes toward school this year. Oh, and Mia got glasses! Which you all have seen on FB, I think. She is super-excited about them, and during Sunday's baseball game, she hit the ball twice! That is huge because she hasn't even hit it during practice this entire season. Well, I think that is all the news from here. I am very tired, so I am off to bed! Will catch up with everyone's posts tomorrow. Love and hugs!
  15. Good evening! Beth, I'm glad that your brother's funeral went so well. It is always nice when you can share laughter and happy memories. Good luck with your new get-healthy goals! I also need to set some, but really drag my feet. (No pun intended.) Joanne, fingers crossed and prayers for your dd on a smooth closing! I'm sure she is ready to be done with the issue. Glad to hear your cold seems to be gone. Have you had a Pumpkin Spice yet? I stopped for one the other day and the flavor wasn't quite right. I can't wait 'til the holiday flavors are back! Leeann, what a little snot to break up with your DS that way!!! Sounds like he handled it well, though...which just goes to show the resiliency of your sweet invention. Good luck and fingers crossed for your huge fish! Hope Celine's cold clears up quickly. Have you ever tried Emergen-C? I use it often during cold season and it really seems to ward them off. Thank you for the compliments on my pics. There should be some of Alex tonight- he had a guys' night at a Dodger game with DH, BIL, and FIL. Last night was Daddy/DD night, and he took the girls. Things seem to be going well at school still, although he is super-moody at home. We have a check-up with his super-amazing dr. on Friday and I might bring it up. She may just remind me that it is a side effect of the medication. I am taking an online cinema class this semester for my arts requirement. I keep forgetting about it. My CD classes are taking up much of my time, and by the time I remember about it, it is Saturday and the posts are due by Sunday. I really have to figure out some kind of schedule- I'm just not feeling the groove of the semester yet. Well, I need to scoot. Love and hugs all around!!!
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