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  1. stunning omg u have the best tables can i come to your house lol
  2. ty so much hun its tough sometimes and hubby leaves soon so i think this mission of helping the wounded soldiers and their families will keep my mind off things please thank your son for his service and its hard for military families but we will manage its the military way of life
  3. I am donating to the local chapter at Fort Hood the info is not on the website as I actually go to the hospital and deliver them myself as I live about 1 min from it on the post itself
  4. It is an on going thing I told the gentleman running it that I would be donating until we leave the area dh is deploying in jan and loks like we will be here at least 3yrs so i am doin this till then and at that time ill just find another local charity when i move I really appreciate yall helping me out these soldiers are wonderful people that really love getting items from us. Thanks yall
  5. ty everyone i really appreciate it srry havent responded with thanksgiving and stuff its been hectic lol yall are truly angels
  6. I am telling you what I hope you really like it lol and since its my first one I figured I would send another one later as well once I get a little better who says swap has to stop on the 15 th friends last forever right?
  7. Me too hun sorry been out of town for holidays got back tonight getting stuff ready my mom gave me my christmas early and i cant tell ya yet but im sooooooooooo excited to let you be my first guinee pig and no its so sad its not anything to do with crocheting lol but of course i got that too lol
  8. First of all I have to apoligize to my wonderful elves I was out of town so just got home today and recieved them today so sorry it took so long to thank yall 1st elf was from MA and I was stunned to see all that was there I have a planet earth tote a new square a skein of yarn and a wonderful pattern book and a shotglass from Barre MA tytytyty i loveee it allllllllllllll the 2nd elf was from Texas and I opened a huge box of tons of yarn to go towards my wounded warriors blankets tytytyty but i have to ask u to reveal yourself somehow so i can get some of those cards i loveeeed themmmmm lol Both wonderful elves are my first holiday cards this year and are wonderfully displayed already I just made a 18 hour trip home and cried a lot of the way as i hate leaving my family ok my mom always looks so sad and im a mom now with het 2 grandkids and i hate making them leave lol dang army lol nah but we will be fine but whay a nice pick me up to get thank you both
  9. OOOOO my first ever roak a very nice elf from MA sent me a great patriotic magnet which I have to say sadly enough wont make it to my fridge lol hubby took it and put it in his deplyment bags as he leaves right after xmas and said it was the perfect magnet for his stuff hmmm now I have to say that it was sweet he said its good to see someone still supports the military and the good ol flag out there thanks elf it will; make a nice long trip to the middle east and has been promisd to make it back as well
  10. omg might i say this is my favorite one ever my favorite time of the year is christmas and i shreiked with joy so loud the hubby thought i saw a spider lol i said oh no hun u should see this tote i got a really funny look Lol i just said pfft go back to your computer this is mine lol
  11. ty so much hun that would be greatly appreciated
  12. ty minwife i am so excited at being able to help them out more my hubby leaves in jan and he keeps goin now if hobby lobby calls and says uve bought em out i cant complain lol since your doin such good the men and women are wonderful there and are so appreciative as well as the families i started working on small blankets to since i saw a family with 3 young ones there today thought it would be nice to have some of those around too thanx for the comment and the bump detroit any size will do there are all walks of life that come through those doors some are in wheelchairs some still in between and then the families as well the hats are a good thing right now too as it is getting chilly and im sure it will stay this cold for a few thanks to all that responded i really am grateful and i know the troops are too
  13. I am making blankets hats and wheelchair bags for the wounded warriors program here on post they are in need of these items if anyone could help or wouldnt mind maybe making squares or somethign small they could really use them as it is starting to get very chiily here and they are pretty full there at the hospital and transition units Thanks everyone for considering
  14. Yay i am so excited heres wishing you a wonderful holiday season.... 1.:sheepxmasA new project tote bag I really need one and with all my crocheting im doin for everyone else it just aint gettiin done 2.:sheepxmasYarn for my blankets for the wounded warriors program here on post 3.:sheepxmasA helmet cap and Scarf set for my hubby who leaves for deployment in Jan 4.:sheepxmasAnything for my kids Girl 6 Boy 4 5.:sheepxmaspotholders or dishclothes stuff for my kitchen it is done in sunflowers 6. Our house is done in patriotic so anything with that theme would be nice 7.:sheepxmasPatterns for blankets and bags as next yr is goin to be long i anticipate lots of crocheting lol 8.:sheepxmasI want to do a ville afghan and would love squares for it I am doin 8 " ones 9.:sheepxmasshotglasses from around the world lol we dont drink but collect them it is something cheap that they have everywhere lol 10. :sheepxmasSurprise me lol if u want its fun to get surprises
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