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  1. I had a bunch of extra yarn laying around so I decided to make a granny square afghan. I'm terrible for starting crochet projects (especially granny square afghan ones - I get bored with it *L*) and then recklessly abandoning them so I'm pretty happy that I actually completed this one. I didn't have a pattern for it, just decided to do a basic granny square and then connected them all together and put a shell edging around it. I didn't even use all of the extra yarn I have, just picked a bunch of random colours and used them until they were gone. I ended up with about 40 squares. And I think it turned out much nicer than I was picturing in my head. Especially since none of the colours really went together. Heh. I present to you - the afghan.
  2. Thank you ladies. I got the bunny hat from Aunt B's pattern collection. She has a yahoo group that you can join which will give you access to her patterns that she designs. The link for her yahoo group is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abpatterns/ She's got some really nice patterns.
  3. Here are a few more items I'm making for Angel Hugs. A couple of burial gowns in pink: A shell sweater: And my favourite... a bunny hat! I love the bunny hat and it's super quick to make up, I'm planning on making quite a few of them.
  4. What a cute hat! You're grandson is going to get good use out of it and the booties.
  5. Postage is a bit more to send to Canada then within the States unfortunately. Of course, it depends on the size of the package. If you made a preemie hat with matching booties, that's something that could be put into a small padded envelope and mailed fairly inexpensively. I would check with your local post office about prices etc.
  6. Thank you for the links Tina, I appreciate your help. Lynnmax, I made a couple of pale pink ones this weekend and I'm going to make some light blue ones as well. Like you, I think I'll just stick to the same pattern as it makes it a lot quicker to complete them. I also made a little shell sweater and the cutest little preemie bunny hat, I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them. Patty, that's what I thought as well - that some people might not want the white, but rather a pink or a blue. Snow, thank you for sharing the story about your daughter. I don't have children and I'll confess that I've often wondered if the little hats and booties I make do make a difference for the parents. I'm more happy than I can say to read your story and your assurances that they do make a difference. I'm going home to crochet some more bunny hats tonight.
  7. lynnmax, do you use the same type of pattern? I'm looking for different patterns so that not all the gowns are exactly the same, but I would like one that's pretty quick to work up. As well, do you stick mainly to white? I made a pink one that I'm putting white ribbon on but I wasn't sure it that would be appropriate. I thought about doing some light purple ones and some soft blues, but again - do you think parents would prefer only the white with a bit of colour on the edging? And do you find it difficult to work on them? I thought I would be okay, but I'm finding that I'm a little emotional about making them.
  8. Here are some items I've been making for an organization called Angel Hugs that are located in Ontario (you can see my post about them in the charity section). This is a couple of preemie hospital shirts, the pattern can be found here: http://www.handmadewarmth.com/1hospshirt.html And these are two preemie burial gowns. My understanding from a few different sources is that burial gowns are often needed for parents who are struggling money wise and have nothing to wrap their special one in for burial. In some places hospitals are putting the babies in towels or even just a plain paper bag. Unfortunately they don't receive that many burial gowns as people don't think of that or find the thought of crocheting them too sad. This is a really simple gown that only took me a couple of hours to do but I think it's very pretty in it's simplicity. The pattern can be found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20011108004113/www.angelfire.com/pa3/hop/dress.html This particular pattern mentions sewing up the back of the gown leaving room to slip the baby in but I've been advised that it's best to leave the gown completely open at the back, which is what I did with the two that I made. The larger one was made with baby yarn and a 3.75mm hook. The smaller one was made with baby yarn and a 3.00mm hook. On the smaller one, I edged it with pink baby yarn and added an extra ribbon around the waist. I also crocheted a pair of booties for the larger gown. That pattern is found here: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bevsbooties2.html
  9. I've just started making some items to send to this charity: http://www.angelhugs.ca/index.html I'm in western Canada but I'm planning on shipping some items to them every couple of months. If there are any Ontario people wanting to donate some crocheted items to them, they'd love to have them! They take any baby stuff, preemie items, as well as shawls, afghans, hats, mitts etc. for adults. They have quite a few places that their donations go (you can read more about it on their homepage) and would love some crocheted items to hand out. If you have the chance, please take a look and see if there's anything you could send them that they need. Thanks folks.
  10. Gorgeous!! I love the colour choices!
  11. I finally, finally tried making a "Baby It's Cold..." sweater and I loved it!! It was so much fun and so quick to make! This is for a friend who just had a baby. I used Bernat Harmony yarn and while it was a HUGE pain to work with, I really liked how soft it is and how it looked as a sweater. A close-up: And this is a little bonnet I made for a co-worker who just had a baby girl. It's super small though so I think I need to make another one slightly larger. It took me about half an hour, 40 minutes to make this. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture: And a few shots of my poor suffering cats modelling the bonnet: Mollie: Mollie: "The outrages I have been forced to suffer today will not soon be forgotten!" Smokey: "I can't believe she's making me wear a girl's hat! That's it - I'm peeing on her head when she's asleep."
  12. ElizaDaisy

    Reverse SC

    Colleen you're a lifesaver! I went to stitchguide but couldn't get the video to work and didn't understand the illustrations. Your detailed explanation has solved the mystery for me! Thank you! And thanks everyone for helping me out with links and instructions, I sure appreciate it!
  13. ElizaDaisy

    Reverse SC

    Can someone please explain to me how to do this stitch? I'm sure it's incredibly simple but I'm feeling very lazy and don't feel like searching the internet until I find an explanation I understand. Thank you in advance!
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