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  1. Helen beautiful bag.....you did a great job!
  2. am half way done with mine....love yours....
  3. Great color and beautiful doily. You did a wonderful job on it.
  4. Love the color am still working on mine....
  5. That is lovely....great job. Wish to still test for Kathy too.
  6. Can you tell me from what book I can try find it on ebay.
  7. Thanks Julie, I will look for that magazine. I saved this picture some long time ago and just thought I give flowers a try. I just did not know it was going to be this hard, lol.
  8. Hope someone can help me find where this pattern is from, if no one knows I guess ill have to attempt at designing it .
  9. sure i usually take a few trains a day, lol, when am off from work.
  10. thats nice i crochet on the train too
  11. I agree, thank yo u Anna for all your great help.
  12. quick question, can i????? post the CROCHET GOLD OLYMPIC
  13. Well i cant belive it took so long to write here. On continuing were I left off, I contacted the designer for another doily I was working on from the AA Heart Doily Delight book I was using for the crochet olympics. The designer was not able to help me and i just could not figure out what and where it was wrong and on top of that my left arm was in pain so I did not crochet for a few days. That is when I realized I had finish the crochet olympics, I usually just done one doily from a book and i wanted to do more than that and I did. I hope in the future I would be able to learn and figure out how to make that flower heart motif doily. As of right now am working on two doilies for an exchange and helping a friend do squares for her moms afghans. pictures of the two crochet olympic doilies http://public.fotki.com/thread-zealot/crochet_2006/crochet_olympics/heart_shell... http://public.fotki.com/thread-zealot/crochet_2006/crochet_olympics/pineapple_h...
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