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  1. I was looking for a hat to make for my 4 year old grandson because he's be buggin' me for one lately. While doing a Google search it pointed to the thread here at: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3848 from 2004. The problem is that the name of the pattern wasn't in the thread and the link to the pattern no longer works. I did figure out how to get to the picture that Dot pointed to. I recognized the pattern that it was refering to. Fortunately for me I had copied many hat patterns from her original website. The name on her original pattern site was "Double Crossed Hat". The only thing is I didn't see it in the list of patterns that are posted here. Is there a reason that it isn't or is it just not there yet? I LOVE Dot's hats!!!!
  2. My problem is that I can't change the size of the print in a pdf file. (There may be a way but I don't know it.) The other thing is I HATE the tiny columns that all the pdf's that I have seen present. If there were some way to change the layout of a pattern and allow me to increase the font size so that I can read it better that would be great. So for now, I will stick with the patterns that I can copy and print in the layout and font size suited to my taste.
  3. I want to thank everyone for all of the suggestions. They really helped me be organized for the first meeting. We met today, and there were 8 ladies besides myself at the meeting. They decided that they want to meet once a week, and we gave our group a name. We are “The Happy Hookers of Rifle”. We will focus on crochet, but we welcome knitters or anyone who does embroidery or whatever. I discovered a couple of things. One thing was that that there are several other members that are willing to help with the teaching. Today, we didn’t have anyone to teach but the next meeting will have at least 1 person. She was unable to come today. I did print out the crochet primer at the www.lionbrand.com as suggested by “Knit Happens” and the others thought it was a very good booklet to give a newbie. The second thing was that it seems there was a group once before several years ago but some of the regulars moved on and it just kind of went by the wayside. Everyone was so pleased that I suggested we meet. We also decided to just bring our own things to work on for the time being. We may decide to do a group project later but for now we will just do our own thing. We don’t have access to a computer at the Senior Center but there are several of us who have computers so we will be able to gather almost anything we need from the internet. Thanks again for all your input! I'm giving everyone a big hug! :2hug Connie
  4. This is weird! Okay, first a little background. I moved into a new apartment in February that is considered Senior and Disabled Housing. I currently am 57 years old so sometimes I’m considered a Senior but mostly everything around here you have to be 60+. Well, I’m may not be considered a Senior, but I am disabled so I did qualify to move into this apartment complex. We have a local Senior Center (right across the parking lot) serves lunches 3 times a week plus several more activities. I began going to the lunches about 2 weeks after I moved in. I have made a number of crochet hats (I LOVE hats!) and everyone at the lunches seems to get a kick out of my hats! I have had several requests to make some for others. There are also a couple of other ladies that do crochet but because of my hats, I seem to have become a focal point. With all of the attention my hats were getting, I thought it might be fun to start a crochet group and asked the Senior Center Director what she thought of the idea. She thinks it’s a great idea. I approached one of the ladies that lives here in the complex about helping me get a group started. She also thinks it’s a great idea. So, I created a flyer asking if anyone would be interested and oh my goodness, the response was almost overwhelming! So I guess I will be starting a crochet club/group/circle whatever. At the first meeting, I plan to see how often they would like to meet, what they would like to do i.e. bring their own projects to work on, do a group project, or whatever, and maybe find a name for the group (any name suggestions would be appreciated ). I also have to keep in mind that most of the ladies myself included, live on a very fixed income (that is why we won’t be using meetup.com or CGOA). I’m also younger than all of them! My dilemma is that some of the ones that want to come want to learn how to crochet. Ahhhh, I’ve never taught anyone else how, I’ve only taught myself. So, what should I do? Thanks, Connie
  5. HELP! I have volunteered to start a crochet group at the local Senior Center. My question is how do I do that? Is there anyone out there with some suggestions???
  6. Hi! My name is Connie and I live in Rifle, CO which is about 75 miles east of Grand Junction, CO. It’s a small town of about 6,000 or so people. I’ve been crocheting since about 1970 when I started out making doll clothes for my kids baby dolls. Then lots of other crocheting, and now, I’m doing the doll clothes again for my grandkids! I’ve been getting lots of good information from this forum for several years and I thought it was probably about time to register, besides, I have a newer computer and it makes a whole lot of difference using XP instead of being stuck in WIN95!
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