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  1. Lion Brand has a LOT of free Ami patterns, but to access any LB patterns, you have to register. IMHO, that's OK, though, because they have one of the best privacy policies I have seen! Amigurumi Patterns @ Lion Brand
  2. A super easy pattern is ripples, and, if you use a largish (I tend to use a J or K) hook and DC, should take much yarn. I really couldn't find a pattern, so here are the basics. I use a repeat that is like this: 5 dc, [dc, ch 2, dc] in one stitch, 5 dc, skip two stitches, 5 dc, [dc, ch 2, dc] in same stitch. Right now I am working a baby blanket in Peaches N Cream yarn with a K hook. My base chain was, I think, 111 or so. One of these days I will figure out the pattern properly! I hope this helps! MissRach
  3. I've been crocheting for I don't know HOW long. I remember being taught by my babysitters (two sisters who were awesome), but since my mom also crochets, I may be wrong about that! So, glad to be here, don't expect oodles of posts from me, and actually crocheting is better than posting about it! MissRach
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