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  1. Ditto on looking at all the patterns. They are SOOOO easy to adapt. Also, you might try CroJulee's Angel Wings shawl.
  2. Okay, I got the pictures uploaded! Didn't it turn out cute? http://www.flickr.com/photos/missrachelle/tags/polarbear/
  3. I haven't seen it anywhere other than in PDF. But it's just granny squares arranged a certain way and whipstitched together. You need 16 squares. Are you unable to use PDF format? Check your PMs.
  4. I started it last night just before bed and crocheted for about an hour. Then this morning I crocheted for another hour, and then put the bear together. It is soooo cute! Thanks for letting me test it! I will have pictures to post later. I stuffed it with grocery bags! And, this bear has a fuzzy nose and fuzzy eyes. I used Paton's Silverlash to embroider his eyes and nose! It was my first time making a stuffed critter, so in the respect I was a beginner, but I was also advanced because I can crochet just about anything I want to. I'm also impatient and like quick and easy projects (And boy was it!!!!), so I think I was the ideal tester! This lil critter is gonna go to my best friend; she is coming over on Thursday and I need to finish her scarf, but I wanted to start and finish something really quickly. Yay!
  5. I'm going to make this for me, and another for my mom!
  6. A couple more. I crochet over my ends as I go, as I have figured out a way to switch colours very very neatly. I have Crochet ADHD!!
  7. It's lovely indeed! But I don't know afghan stitch! I'll have to save it for another project! I might do that, Julee! I was thinking about maybe making a head scarf or headband to go along with a shawl. If I use an M hook for Julee's shawl, I should have enough for a headband (maybe along these lines) to keep my ears warm! Or a puffy slouch hat and scarf...
  8. Thanks, Granny! I'm tending toward a shawl or hat/scarf, but I want it to be super pretty. Does anyone have a go-to shawl or scarf pattern that is really purty? :roseMissRach
  9. Our Dollar Tree currently has Bernat Disco, Patons Silverlash, Bernat Matrix, Lion Brand Fun Fur, Lion Brand Trellis, and Lion Brand Fancy Fur. YAY!!!!
  10. It took me a few days, but I read through this ENTIRE thread! Let's see. I like Red Heart, but only because it is good for toys, loose granny squares, and is cheap. It's what I started crocheting with. I LOVE Caron Simply Soft! I just discovered it and after Red Heart, OH MY!!!!! I love Fun Fur, chenille, boucle, any novelty yarn. IF YOU HAVE FUN FUR AND DON'T WANT IT, PM me! lol I want it all, but it is soo stinking expensive! I love doilies, granny sqaures, ponchos, bed dolls, and TP covers. I even crochet with thread!!! I love size H, will use it for almost anything. A big deciding factor in which patterns I will make! I have never yet made a guage swatch. If I start testing, that will change. My favorite hooks are my 3 Susan Bates hooks that were given me by some friends. Of course, I cannot even find them right now! I can use Bates hooks just fine. I LIKE Fun Fur! What's the big deal, guys? I long to have some gorgeous angora to work into a sweater. Or silk. Or cashmere. Or! If I see a pattern I like the picture of, I will not read the pattern if I think I can make it myself! Because then I would be ripping off as my own! I like making my own. Free form is like all other modern "art" - a total waste. I'm sure I'll think of more later. Lol
  11. I think I will use CroJulee's pattern! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=84579
  12. Here's a picture of it; it's actually fairly softish (for wool) and would be the first wool I've crocheted. Anyone got any ideas? It IS a nice yarn, I just am clueless! :roseMissRach
  13. Yes, I'll join! As soon as my craft fair thingy is over, and I have my yarn in Ravelry, I will decide what to make!
  14. It depends. Often I will wind from the other end of a skein of a WIP, and I have recently begun winding any fun fur. But it depends.
  15. Which LA book is it in?
  16. Eh, not very well. I can crochet and watch TV, crochet and listen to the pastor, crochet and listen to music, crochet and listen to anything, but not a physical book very often. HOWEVER, since my school classes are on video (DVD, actually), I can crochet, take notes, AND do assignments while watching my classes!
  17. Ooooh, Judy, that's a GREAT idea! Maybe for the bride to carry during the reception or something! Or just for fun! I love the idea of a parasol! :roseMissRach
  18. Very cool, Julee! And thanks a bazillion to everyone else! :roseMissRach
  19. Exactly my thinking! I 'spect I will have enough stress as it is once I start getting ready for a wedding without having to crochet an entire canopy too!
  20. Oh, I would def be blogging this! And I think I will. A doily or two a month is a reasonable goal, I think, and, since I have no intention of marrying until I graduate from college, that would be 48 doilies right there! I tend to think that I will wait until I have all the doilies to put them together, though. And of course, all WHITE! :roseMissRach
  21. Somebody posted this link a few days ago, and then I blogged about it. I have long loved the symbolism behind the Jewish wedding chuppah, so I thought maybe a doily canopy that can later be a canopy over the bed would be awesome. What do ya'll think? Has anyone ever done something like this? I think I would probably start a stash of doilies now, even though there isn't even a boyfriend in sight! I would love to hear your thoughts on this! MissRach
  22. Hmm, okay. Thanks for the Bernat pattern, that gives me some guidelines as in where I need to go!!!! MissRach
  23. Yay for pattern! After my craft fair, I will get to work on it, maybe for my parents' anniversary! MissRach
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