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  1. Hullo, Rabbit![/WinnieThePooh] I love rabbits too, so I like your username!
  2. If I go to Bob Jones University in a year or two, there would be me.
  3. Sure thing, Shelley! *wiggles* I MAY be winning the pattern on eBay in a few....We'll see. EDIT: YES!!!!! I got the pattern book on eBay! So we may have two RAOKs to do! But I am off the list now that I have mine, and after I make it, if we need another one to send out, it might just be in the queue!
  4. Well, if you still need a tester when I am done with my other two, then I will surely test it!
  5. I just picked up the most GLORIOUS bamboo/acrylic yarn (Bernat Natural Blends) from Micheal's. OH MY! 'Tis lovely! I picked it up, and was GOING to use the wrap pattern on the wrappers, but I decided to design my own pattern instead. Then I was looking more closely at the pattern on the wrapper and realized I had only bought half of the the required yarn! Good thing I had already decided to design my own pattern! So, since it's about 370 yards, I want a nice lacey shawl/wrap/stole WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. To that effect, what sort of stitch would you use? I need ideas and stitch NAMES. I haven't a clue what the different patterned stitches are called! Also, it's a "bulky" (though not very!) yarn, so I intend to use a larger hook size. (I'm thinking N at this point.) Once I settle on the stitch (or stitches), I will work it up in Caron Simply Soft as a test run, then when I am happy with the pattern, I will use my glorious bamboo! Have at it, ladies! *goes to pet her bamboo* :roseMissRach
  6. If it weren't for the fact that I already have a couple of tests in progress, I would love to test for you; it's lovely!
  7. No major holidays? If you live in the US, there is always the 4th of July!
  8. Woe is me, if only my sewing didn't stink, I would so PM you!
  9. It really can be either way. If, next time, you wish to have it completely closed, you can use the " " technique.
  10. Okay, yes, when it says 2 dc in st around, it means in every stitch around until you get back to the beginning, put 2 double crochets in each stitch. Does that make sense?
  11. Didn't I add you to the RAOK list for the other one?
  13. Done! Hmm. I don't have it available right now, but maybe as soon as Sandy55 gets it she can put up a picture? EDIT: You can see it a little in this eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/Annies-Attic-Mile-A-Minute-Afghans-Crochet-Patterns_W0QQitemZ360082733065QQihZ023QQcategoryZ11797QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. Thanks, Carla! Maybe you could post that in the original thread, too?
  15. Buy it and I'll pay you to send it to me! Or we can RAOK it to the next person who wants it after finishing ours!
  16. I can't believe that woman the YH met! *subscribed*
  17. (I hope this is okay, the way I am posting it in a new thread. ) Sandy55 posted asking for a pattern for a pineapple MAM afghan pattern. I found it, now someone needs to find it! In the Annie's Attic "Needlecraft Catalog" #75 (apparently from 1993 or 1994), on page 15 is a set of Mile-A-Minute Afghans. It is a six pattern set (#234K): Pineapple Strips Southwest Trails Mile-A-Minute Granny Victorian Lace Aran Afghan Summer Shells I checked the Annie's Attic website, but couldn't find it, which is NOT surprising! But now we KNOW what to look for! :hugMissRach ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, we are doing a RAOK with this pattern. froggie MAY have found it at her local thrift store; if so, she is going to SNAG it! It is also on eBay in several places! The first person to actually purchase a copy will send it to Sandy55, the original asker! Then when Sandy is done with her afghan, the pattern can be sent to the next person. obviously the original is sent and no copies are made 'cause of copyright issues! Here's the list; simply post if you want to be added! proudmama762003 teakaycee froggie shelley1957 Sandy55 ******** Sandy55 has hurt her shoulder, so she is sending the pattern on to proud mama. I think we should all give Sandy some hugs! ******** When you are DONE with the pattern, PM me and I will coordinate getting it to the next recipient! (I will bump myself down on the list if we get more. ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: I just won the pattern book off of eBay! Yay! So now we have Froggie's and mine! Looks like Sandy and I will have the first pineapple-ghans!
  18. That would have been me, I think and it wasn't QUITE a bed canopy. Oddly enough, it is at a seamstress's shop (I think), and it is actually a HUGE dress that she made and hung up! I am taking the idea of a doily canopy to make a wedding/bed canopy for my future (very future, as I don't even have a boyfriend!) wedding. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=84372 I think you could make all kinds of things with doilies if you think outside the box!
  19. I just wanted to let you know that the gals over at the Lullabies & Lace Testing Forum liked it. ^_^
  20. Very cool! I had the same idea after making the first one; I think I will do a pair in ecru, tea dye them brown, and make them into earings for our Cubbie director at AWANA!
  21. I'm looking at the pattern right now, and no, I wouldn't think it too hard for a beginner. Of course, I haven't made it myself, but it looks quite simple! Tapanga, what is the license for this pattern? May I sell items made from it at my craft fair that is coming up?
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